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Last Update: March 05, 2014

Hi all,

Has anyone here ever joined Promotion Exchange such as or

If so, do you think they could make significant trafffic to your site?

They ask us to promote sites as an exchange for promoting our site, usually in Facebook.

Thank you for your valuable time to answer.



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Debbi26 Premium Plus
Just my opinion, but I'd be leary of such exchange. I just think it could get complicated and make a mess of my FB page. That's just me though.
Tanti1969 Premium
You are right. Messy is sure. We don't know for sure their credibility.
Karyskis Premium
I haven't done that. Are you thinking of it?
Tanti1969 Premium
I have tried. Not really sure about the impact. But I will stop them right away if they messed up my FB page. Smile!
nomda ploom Premium
hmmm, Link exchanges are just that- and if they are not natural I would avoid them.
Facebook Fan Page for classic cars likes ballet school Fan Page, which likes them back- how does that sit?
A like is a like, but if this is done on a large scale it will be one of those things that is penalized in due course by a review...etc.
Better to put efforts into generating content that sings and that gets organic shares and likes in my opinion.
Then there is the matter of time spent-
If you are having to put time aside to do this it will cost- and you will end up with a FB account that looks a right mess.
Just my thoughts, Andy
Tanti1969 Premium
Thank you Andy. Really wise step.
archan Premium
He's even wiser than he looks.
KatieMac Premium
I have never heard of them but would be interested to see what answers you get
Tanti1969 Premium
I will let you know if I found it significant. But maybe it has a hidden danger too if the traffic is done by machine. Content is the best!
Eleni Premium
I never heard about it. Sounds interesting. Tell me more!
Tanti1969 Premium
If we have a FB page, they will put advertisements for exchange that they advertise for us in other FB page.
I have tried but could not measure how good it is.
For fun, just to make our name, sounds okay. But for business, we should be careful. Andy is right.