How To Choose And Use Different Tools

Last Update: January 22, 2018

My aim is to Keep things Simple, it makes sense to me to use all the tools that are provided on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Therefore, my first options are to select and learn how to choose and use the different tools that are available at Wealthy Affilaite.

Follow One Course Until Successful

This quote FOCUS is taken from Edmund Loh's book - Crushing It - the 12 rules of marketing success. It is available on Amazon.

I have adopted this phrase and now need to implement it in my business.

Jaaxy Has An Incredible Box of Tricks

Jaaxy is on the Wealthy Affiliate menu and it is what I use to select the ever important keywords.

My favourite part of Jaaxy is the Site Rank feature. This is invaluable to me. Once the article has been published the URL and website are pasted into the selection area. The tool shows the articles rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

There is a history list of all the articles that have been put into Site Rank.

It is so simply to click on this feature. The other day a post dropped to 10 on page 1 in Google. The post was put into ICU.

Bo had given us a teaching about Head Lines. My headlines in this post were all H2. I made the following adjustments:-

Ist Headline H1; 2nd Headline H2; rest of Headlines H3.

The post has gone to no 5. Which means more tweaking but at least I could take quick action to keep the post on page 1.

Site Content Is My Writing Studio

Time is of essence and I am able to build up an assortment of templates which means a click and I can get on with writing, the template is all set up to go.

The image section in Site Content has been an incredible addition. I am trying to select an image out of the first five selections, this saves time scrolling around and I generally do find a suitable image to use.

There is a section to crop name, and add - alt text, open in new tab, link url and website.

Site Speed Is Another Invaluable Tool

Site Speed in Site Rubix front box of the website is another tool that I use whenever publishing content.

It is vital to check on and so efficient to be able to go back to the post and make adjustments to get a good speed.

The Wonderful World Of Wealthy Affiliate

This is just a mere 3 tools available on the Wealthy Affiliate platform that I constantly use and still need to learn more about.

In the jewelry box of the website are a whole heap more gems.

I would like to know how the snazzy jazzy name of Jaaxy came about?

It would be interesting to know your favourite tool.

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MKearns Premium
I also have the lists of ever bright shiny tool Loes and Marion put out to help with the sorting!
TaniaHersel Premium
Loes and Marion are great with the information and help they provide.
MKearns Premium
My prime "go to " sources here!
mybiz4u Premium
Awesome article, T. We have such a wealth of information here at Wealthy Affiliate.
Thanks for sharing.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thanks for reading and yes wonderful community of people as well.
arielharris7 Premium
Tania, this is an incredibly helpful post! I feel that way also about site content. And site rank..and having to put posts into ICU. and it is a wonderful learning tool too.. isn't it? great job! thanks
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank younfor reading and enjoying. Wealthybaffiliate hel0s to make life simple! Or simplier maybe.
TaniaHersel Premium
Oh my I had not read the post. Thanks for sharing this.
Loes Premium
It's a blog from 4 years back, and we are still speculating:))
TaniaHersel Premium
I didnt check the date. Thought it was a blog from today. And I left a comment on Nathinels blog.....thanks for sharing. It gets more interesting.
HennieSteyl Premium
I agree Tania. WA is great with a bunch of exceptional tools. If we make it a point to master them, our work is much easier. Great post. Thanks for sharing.
TaniaHersel Premium
We have so much to learn and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be.