Week 2

Last Update: Aug 7, 2014


Hmmm writing my Week 2 blog, half way through my 3rd week... where did the time go?!!

I really haven't achieved too much this last 10 days or so, I had my mum staying for a few days which was lovely then I was busy back at work and sorting out stuff at home and the kids, just didn't seem to be able to find a decent amount of quiet time to focus on my website.

Then I made a total hash of things, lost patience with myself, deleted my website and started all over again. This time I am much more focussed and am taking my time. I have caught up and even overtaken where I had previously got up to and am now well and truly back on track

Getting towards the end of Course 2 now and hope to finish it by the end of the week :)

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It's hard to find time with working and the kids, but then it all seems to come together. Sounds like you are back on track!

Yes, I just do a little bit as and when I can fit it in. I am hoping to get some content done this weekend though my daughter has decided a shopping trip is on the cards!!

i like to have at it early in the morning - no distractions but then not everyone gets up at 5 AM most days - the only down side now is that i feel guilty if i sleep til 7 or later - stick with it - i can promise it won't happen overnight

I don't quite get up at 5 but am up around 7 and get a bit done before I leave for work (and the kids are still in bed). I'm here for the long haul so don't need it to happen overnight

Never hurts to restart Best wishes to you

Good for you.

Good for you, but do keep progressing. You can always make changes. I used to try for perfection but was never happy enough with results. Now I just do and get something up there.

Exactly, if I get the basic structure done, then I can tweak to my hearts content

Have patience and take your time. IM is not a race and you should build your business for a long term, not an over night money maker.

You are so right Giludi, I am taking it much slower now and taking much more in!

It's OK, take your time and do the best job.

So just back up a bit and go for it!

Yes, I backed up completely, took a deep breath and started over. Glad I did as I've found it much easier this time and seem to be absorbing the information

I had to do the same thing! But it gets better ... and easier .... with time and training!

I must say, 2nd time around was much easier and I whizzed through it in no time

You are doing great. I delete my first site a dozen times. Keep on pushing!!

That's encouraging to hear... glad I'm not the only one :)

With anything we create, we are our own worst critic. Don't get caught up in trying to make it perfect. Write from the heart and let it flow.

Good point, I can always go back and edit and improve on it as I progress and learn more about what works and what doesn't

Absolutely. I bet I have one post on my site that I have edited and revised 25 times in 2 days. That's what's great about writing content on WordPress... you can change it anytime and you don't waste any paper! =)

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