Day 3 - I've Done It...

Last Update: Jul 22, 2014


Day 3 (22 July 2014)

What? Upgraded to Premium of course!

I watched the premium video at the end of the starter membership and couldn't believe all that was on offer... was just too good an opportunity to pass up on... so I didn't!!

Very excited to begin so I'm going to leave this post very short and get on with making the very most out of my new PREMIUM status :)

Will be sure to let you know how I get on.

Later in the Day

Well it's been a busy day and I am quite disappointed not to have achieved more today... oh well, tomorrow is another day.

I did, however, get Lesson 1 of Course 2 completed and am now the proud owner of a new domain/website, so all has definitely not been wasted today.

I had a quick peek at Lesson 2 but see that is requiring some content to be written and I need to be a little more fresh-faced for that.

I did hit the 100 marker for followers though which I am pleased about and have tiptoed up 3 places in the rankings. So good progress all round. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Network 100

Ranking 21,646

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That's the girl; keep moving on. I started about the same week you did. You mentioned about information overload, is the same experience I encountered; I find it amusing to make assessment of "what have I done so far"; I have been taking down notes on my readings and videos I have seen; and cannot find where I have written them down, so now I put dates and titles of topics on the notes, pretty sure it leads me back easier when I needed them. Talk to you later.

Congratulations on your tremendous progress! You are fortunate the videos do not seem to wear out even with repeated use so I have not knocked you out of being able to benefit from them. I am looking forward to following you.

Yes the videos are a great help, Kyle has done a great job in making them so that they are filled with just the amount of information you need for that particularly lesson. They have put so much thought into creating this community, it's an amazing setup

Well done now you will be able to take another leap forward with your online venture. Now you can see how much more there is to learn but also how much more is available to you. Don't forget i think in Sept 1st a new course will be available for Premium members.
Keep going forward as you are now. Remember be proud of you achievement to date and work on being successful at a new level.
Take care be well

Well my plan of action for the next 30 days is (as per my non financial goals) to complete all 4 courses... 3 courses x 10 lessons each = 30 days... perfect. Of course, if I manage to get more done in a day then that's just an added plus :)

That's the attitude that will get you going forward well done. Take care be well and enjoy don't forget to rest in between as well important too.

Thank you Andre, you too

No problems anytime enjoy

Welcome to Premium. Wishing you every success. :) Beverley

Thanks Beverley... can't wait to get cracking

Congratulations, & welcome, this is my 2nd week now and I can attest to actually making WA my home page. There just so much awesome info to find here. There is gold here for you so do your best, and keep it up. good luck!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I must admit, I have added WA to my opening tabs on my browser and I keep it open throughout the day for replying to messages... not got much work done at my J.O.B. though!!

Congrats on the membership. It does open some things up and gives you some new toys to play with doesn't it?

'Some'? a bit of an understatement lol... should keep me entertained for the foreseeable future

Awesome Debbie, congrats. I look forward to working with you and can't wait to hear about your upcoming successes! :)

Thanks Kyle, will be sure to keep you posted

Sounds good! :) of luck you'll have fun!

Yes that's exactly what this is 'fun'... certainly 100% more fun than my J.O.B!!

Well done! I am enjoying it so much, you will too :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the free starter course (hence my eagerness to upgrade)... who would have thought 'working' could be this much fun?!!


If have one criticism of Wealthy Affiliate... they have made it too much fun and I'm not getting anything done at my J.O.B. lol

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