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At last my WA drought is over as I finally had my first WA premium sign up ever, that happened not surprisingly, during the Black Friday deal period.I always felt frustrated that I am able to generate sales for which seemed to be everything else, but just not WA lol. Of course I do get that driving WA sales is not really my focus, which probably explains why, but still, I felt that I have done enough on and off promotion for WA, which should have certainly yielded some results by now. So yes, t
WA Black Friday - An Awesome OpportunityFirst of all I want to mention that the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deals are so worth it. A couple of years back I grandfathered into the $299 WA Premium Deal and this saves me quite a bit of money on a yearly basis and it certainly adds up. I know that I am only one of many that are benefiting from the awesome WA Black Friday Specials and this year with Wealthy Affiliate Premium+ in the mix, the possible savings are even greater.High Hopes This Year
September 09, 2021
Hi Everyone!This is just a quick post to bring awareness of the WA YouTube community and to also clarify some possible misconceptions regarding the purpose of the WA YouTube community. Just like Kyle's comments exchange thread ( where we have the opportunity to read each others' website articles, the WA YouTube thread serves a similar purpose where we have the opportunity to view each other's WA YouTube creations. (https://my.wealt
This morning I woke up to an email that stated I have made a sale of $1397 which came as a massive surprise as it is not a product I have been actively marketing. In fact, the last time I posted about this product was 8 months ago. Conclusion:Besides the sales you expect, due to the active marketing of specific products, there will also from time to time be the unexpected joys of onilne marketing in the form of a sale that you did not expect. It is like that £20 note that you forgot in yo
This is the second time around now, probably around 8 months apart that I have received absolute nonsense bogus copyright infringement claims on a 100% originally created video of mine that contains absolutely 0 music and is 100% my own voice speaking throughout the video on the topic: "Jobs During Coronavirus", first by Universal Music Group and around 8 months later by Warner Music Group. Both these massive companies were forced to retract their ludicrous bogus claims and release my video ind
The particular website of mine that generated $679 in sales in the last two days and awarded me with $162 in commissions has been quiet for quite a while before the two sales in quick succession took place, just after I changed the currency from US Dollar to GBP. Is this just a coincidence or did the change in currency charged on my website made all the difference? I guess I will have to wait and see.My site is a UK based site but as I am selling digital products for the global market, I decid
The beauty of online marketing is that the previous month I had no sales from this particular website from which the sales are listed below, but was making quite a bit of money from my other website and YouTube videos. I got a bit busy and the reason I have not done much in regards to my other website and YouTube videos this month that usually brings in some money and it seems that income from my other website and YouTube videos atm is more dependent on sharing in social media than enjoying muc
Online marketing is surely full of surprises. Here I was doing promotion for the WA Black Friday deal and no joy at all. The only Black Friday items I made some money on was a $45 commission on some Black Friday Special upgrades from customers that bought software from me previously. And then the big surprise: Although it states 3 sales, it is all one customer that bought the product on the front end and then the up sales also, so in my eyes it pretty much qualifies as a single transaction. Thi
It was pretty amazing and a very big surprise to me when I opened my eyes, checked my email and saw the following yesterday morning:My jaw was pretty much dropped to the floor as this is not a product I have been actively promoting at all, so for this reason it came as a massive surprise, but a very pleasant surprise.The moral of the story I guess is that you should not underestimate the fact that someone may just click on a banner of yours that was subtly presented in an article that is not ev
I just thought that I would share my excitement with you. I created a YouTube video relating to a 3D animation software and this YouTube video as you can see in the screenshots ranks number 1 for the main keywords Vidpresenters 3D and Vidpresenters 3D review. It probably ranks number 1 for other keywords too, but these are the particular ones I targeted and that I am excited about.Yes, 2480 results may not be the most competitive, but still not bad at all to be number 1 out of 2480 results. The