Is Patience Really A Virtue?

Last Update: May 02, 2018

Is patience really a virtue?

I found it quite amusing that when I entered the word "patience" in the search bar for pictures, up came all these pictures of puzzles not quite complete.

Have you ever made a puzzle? I love making puzzles and they do require a lot of patience. But eventually, all the pieces fall in place, and in the end you are rewarded with a beautifully finished piece of work.

That's why patience is a virtue. Without patience, you would have given up on your puzzle and never would have seen the finished product.

Why is patience a good quality?

To me, this is the perfect analogy for Wealthy Affiliate members. We all need patience to succeed. Without this quality, we're doomed for failure.

The education at Wealthy Affiliate is, I believe, by far the best available online. The support from the live community is indispensable. The fact that we have direct access to the owners, is rare compared to any other platform online. And we have all the tools included to reach success.

With all this at our disposal, all would be meaningless if we didn't have the patience to follow through the step by step training!

But we all struggle with patience from time to time. And that's OK. It's being human! As long as we don't struggle to the point of wanting to quit.

Patience Breeds Success

It's always so exciting to read of other member's success stories. It allows us to truly witness how this platform can lead to our success. Yet at other times, these stories can cause us to be impatient with our own progress. We want to be able to write our own success!

Remember that all these successful members started out in the same place. They all had to learn the same way, step by step. And I'm sure they all had periods of impatience as well. But they stuck to it. They put in the time and the work, and are now reaping the rewards.

We need to follow their example. Stay on track and do the work. Don't get distracted by all those "shiny objects" trying to get our attention. Be careful when on social media and reading all those ads promising you overnight success. We all know they're scams, even though they sound so appealing when we're frustrated and impatient.

For me, I will keep on working, step by step, until I get to write my own success stories.

Will you join me?

Your friend, Suzanne

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GoranBockman Premium
Patience combined with an unrelenting drive to succeed is what guarantees success I think.
DianneBee Premium
Patience deflects stress. Stress prevents us from getting our best results.
So patience is worth a short walk to get focused, or something comparable.
Does it work that way for anyone else?
KimberlyD2 Premium
Awesome post, Suzanne! Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to hearing your success story.
BillandSue Premium
Hi Suzanne,
I don't think there are many more urgent qualities to development then patience.. I know my own area of patience is still a work in progress.

But like you said when we are impatient, we do foolish things and have to pay the "piper".

My financial progress at WA is far from what I had expected when we started. But being here at WA has taught me patience and given hope to better days ahead.

I know we will succeed!.

Thank for sharing.

Bill & Sue
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Suzanne, I also love doing puzzles and one certainly needs patience with some of them. I am so happy that I started on this wonderful new venture with Wealthy Affiliate. I have come into contact with such lovely people and am learning a great deal with still a great deal to learn still.
All the best.