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Do you have any blogging ethics? Or another way of putting it would be what is your "Blogger's Code of Conduct".I feel the need to write about this today due to the way someone, in a group I'm part of, is currently being treated.But first, let's talk about a Code of Ethics for Bloggers, that was proposed and finalized in July 2011.I bet you didn't know about this, did you? Well, you're not alone. I didn't either. Apparently, this discussion started after threats were made to blogger Kathy
Merry Christmas to all my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s such a blessing to make new friends all around the world.May this festive season bring you closer to your families as you spend time together to celebrate. My prayer for you is that this coming year will be successful for you as you work hard at your businesses. And for Kyle, Carson, Jay, and all the others behind the scenes, that this coming year will go smoothly for you as you continue to make this the best platform ever
Ever feel like you're swimming against the current? Online I mean. Sometimes it seems like the current is mostly junk and you need to be a good swimmer to find the good!I've been spending a lot of time researching online, to write quality articles and reviews. If I want my site to be authoritative and trustworthy, I need to make sure my information is accurate, valuable, and honest.I've written a few product reviews now, and I'm always saddened by how much junk is offered online.It's frustra
I wanted to put this out there for my friend Matthew. It’s an amazing list of email strategies that he took a very long time to accumulate and write out for us. I know those of you who are thinking of gathering an email list to help promote your businesses are always wondering which method is the most profitable. He’s put together 71 different strategies so far and you can’t afford not to look at this. It’s awesome!! You’ll want to bookmark this for sure!Here&rsq
July 12, 2018
Ok, so I’m a little excited, lol. I just got my first referral. Or accepted invitation as the email said. I had skipped by the email earlier in the day because I was in a rush.We are currently on our way to go camping for the weekend, and I was going through my emails on the way. I often do this task in the car because we live 40 minutes out of town.Anyway, I had to reread it twice to realize what it meant, haha. Typical newbie reaction, right!I can’t describe how good it feels
July 11, 2018
I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets frustrated with our online businesses. It's not the technical side. It's the human side.Lately, I've been receiving a lot of comments that just aren't comments. They're reviews. I totally understand when someone is new, and possible doesn't understand. Everyone has to learn the proper ways of doing things. But come on... when you see the previous posts ahead of yours, don't you realize what the writer is looking for?Today, I received a "review" inste
What's your motivation like, for your online business, in the summertime? Are you as disciplined with work as you are in the winter? Maybe that depends where you live? I live in northern Canada, where the winters are long and the summers short but very sweet!! The daylight hours are fantastic in the summer. We get 17 hours of sun (June 21st being the longest day) vs 7 hours in the winter (Dec. 21st). With our extended days, there's always so much we want to do outside. But this is the pr
Is patience really a virtue? I found it quite amusing that when I entered the word "patience" in the search bar for pictures, up came all these pictures of puzzles not quite complete.Have you ever made a puzzle? I love making puzzles and they do require a lot of patience. But eventually, all the pieces fall in place, and in the end you are rewarded with a beautifully finished piece of work.That's why patience is a virtue. Without patience, you would have given up on your puzzle and never w
This picture is how I'm feeling right now. LOL. It's amazing how a few statistics can bring your day up.I was chatting with a friend from WA and caught myself complaining how hard I've been working on this site, and not seeing any traffic yet. She asked how my site trust was doing? I said..."what??". She laughed and directed me over to SiteRubix, then to the details about my site health. Wow. 100% in everything but trust. That was 80%. Didn't even realize that was there, haha.But why a
Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? I sure do! But I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I've been this way all my life and used to take pride in it. But now I'm not too sure.Joining Wealthy Affiliate has been one of the best decisions I've made. I enjoy the training, the tools and the people. I've also learned how to become a better blog writer. I just published my most recent post to my site, finishing the 1 month homework with the Super Affiliate Training group with