How Far Would You Go To Help A Friend In Need?

Last Update: October 31, 2017

You got a friend who is struggling, who swallows their pride and reaches out for help. How far would you go to help a friend in need?

Would you pass up a shopping trip, to help a friend in need?

Would you roll up the change you have been saving for something special, to help a friend in need?

Would you give up a commission check, to help a friend in need?

Would you rent a $1.00 movie at Red Box or watch Netflix at home instead of going to the the theater, to help a friend in need?

Would you pray, send good vides, or what ever it is you do spiritually, to help a friend in need?

Would you prepare dinner at home instead of going out, to help a friend in need?

Think about this for a minute.

What if you were the one asking for help?

How far would you want your friends to help a friend in need?


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ThomasTay Premium
As long as it is within my means, I will offer my help. There was once I offered cash to tight over my friend jobless period. Just a small token but within my budget. I feel good too for offering my helping hand to him.
SuzetteH Premium
That is awesome Thomas. We have a neighbor who done the same thing for us a couple of years ago. I cried for days because of his generosity. We didn't even ask. He came over to our house and offered it to us after finding out my husband was out of work for a month.
katzee Premium
I would do those things for anyone who reached out to me, and hopefully I would be perceptive enough to notice if something was amiss with a friend, in case they were reluctant to ask. I am not really concerned about being misused - what goes around comes around.
paulgoodwin Premium
I would do ANYHING to help anyone!!!!

ownonlboss Premium
Would go beyond those things for a friend. Would do those things mentioned for anyone in need, as long as they don't end up misusing me.

Unfortunately with my extreme kindness to others, I get sometimes misused for things.

That's where the difference lies between friends, nice people and misusers/abusers.

Anyone else experience with this?
TopAchiever Premium
Half the solution to the problem is knowing what the problem is, you have identified it, and so for the rest, you seem to pretty much have it under control.

My experience is noting how a person responds/reacts to your kindness to see if there is any hint of appreciation in it or if it's a flippant and quick response of gratitude.

Genuine heartfelt thanks can be felt, I believe, and thus you get to know who really needs help and who is using you.

I've taken a hard stance on beggars begging at a traffic light since one never knows the behind the scenes motivation - it has been proven that well-to-do people have dressed up as hobos to see how much money they can make that way and some have made lucrative amounts of money.

This has made it difficult for the genuine person in need.

The way I deal with is asking them if they need bread or milk and if they do, I take them to the store and buy the bread and/or milk for them - then you see if their need is real or not. Some accept it with open arms others still try to get the cash out of you - you know then, their need is not genuine.

Hope that helps....
SuzetteH Premium
Awesome advice! Panhandlers who take advantage of people make it very hard for those who are in serious need of help and not just looking for handouts and free (tax free that is) money to line their pockets.
ownonlboss Premium
thanks Edu!
Swangirl Premium
I would absolutely do those things. I would do those things for anybody I could, let alone a friend!