Don't Get Mad, Get Glad!

Last Update: September 26, 2017

I received this comment today that made me a little angry then I seen an opportunity and had a little fun with it.

A Not So Happy Commentor:

Wealthy Affiliate is full of nothing but lies!

You are getting ripped off, don’t you realize that…Damn I feel sorry for you.
Man… I truly hope you get wise to their BS

And Now For The Fun Part: My response

Thank you for your concern. Please don’t feel sorry for me. I am doing GREAT! I am an educated adult who is wise enough not be scammed or get “ripped off”.

Either you’re making this judgment out of pure speculation, or you had a bad experience. I don’t know which since that tidbit of information was left out of your accusation. It is hard to take heed to a warning without some proof or explanation.

There are around 800,000 members at Wealthy Affiliate. That alone speaks louder than words. I have a been a member since 2014 and in those three years I have gotten to know the owners and the platform quite well.

With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last three years, I can say with much credibility, Wealthy Affiliate is not a lie, it is not scam, and the money that I have chosen to invest in my future has been well worth it.

One of the greatest things about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is free to join. You begin from the very start to learn how to make money online the honest and legitimate way. You are offered two free websites and free hosting for life. If you decide you don’t want to belong, you simply leave with no money out of pocket.

For those of us who are interested in improving the lives of others as well as our own, It’s no lie, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be!

The Silly Jingle In My Head

I can't get this silly jingle out of my head, "Don't get mad, Get glad" Who remembers that slogan?

So how do you handle a comment on your website such as this one? Do you delete and forget it, or do you see it as an opportunity?

Leave you comments and below and be sure to like this :)

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JasonJF Premium
Thanks for posting this, Suzette.

I received the same comment on my site: Obviously, this person is going around and spamming as many sites as he or she can.

I decided not to approve the comment since it doesn't add any form of value to my site and furthermore, the email, website link, and name of the commenter are all fake.
SuzetteH Premium
And that's why I love that we can delete all but the name before accepting the comment LOL
KTurman1 Premium
I had that commercial playing in my head the moment I read the title of your blog! Yes, that is a clever way to turn their comment around to a positive for WA and I applaud you for that! I think that you are the 3rd or 4th person that I have seen post about the same comment being left on WA reviews. It does make you wonder if it is a former WA member! Have great day!
SuzetteH Premium
The funny thing is, It wasn't even left on my WA review but it was a post that referenced WA.
mattmike Premium
Great reply, Deanna. Thanks
SuzetteH Premium
Thanks :)
JeanL Premium
This person is making the rounds leaving the same comment on several members sites. There was another blog post just this morning about it. I highly suspect he was in live chat earlier and got banned.
SuzetteH Premium
Well shoot, I wish I knew who this person is, if it's a member. I would like to thank him/her for the opportunity to promote WA in a positive way :)
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Suzette.
SuzetteH Premium
Your Welcome. It was my pleasure :)