"Wealthy Affiliate is full of nothing but lies!"

Last Update: September 24, 2017

While busy writing a new post for one of my sites, I got a notification that I had received a new comment.

Upon checking the comment, I was appalled to see the following:

As you can see, the person who left the comment did not disclose his or her real name and the email and website link are all fake.

Also, from my experience, Wealthy Affiliate has been the most ethical affiliate marketing training I have ever come across and furthermore, I have achieved a lot during my time here.

The question I have for you is, do you think Wealthy Affiliate is full of nothing but lies or is it quite the opposite?

Also, should I approve the comment, spam it, trash it or reply to it?

What would your reply be if someone left this comment on your website?

Overall, how do you handle negative comments?

I know that so many of us here have gained so much knowledge from wealthy affiliate and this is the place where a lot of people have managed to earn a full-time online income, or even make some extra money on the side.

There are people out there who are determined to give wealthy affiliate a bad name for whatever reason, so for those of you who read this, please share your HONEST Wealthy Affiliate experience below (good or bad).

Your feedback will really help other people to understand what Wealthy Affiliate truly is and let them decide if Wealthy affiliate is full of lies or not.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!


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MrsKiersten Premium
That comment is just plain ignorant.

You know what I thought was a bunch of lies? Bluehost advertises that their hosting costs $2.95 a month. But that doesn't include security, Wordpress optimization and many other things that we have by default. When I added everything in to host a website properly through them, it was costing me about $200/year (not the price they advertised). That was before I found Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix of course.

Wealthy Affiliate is totally up front about the costs. There aren't any hidden extras. And having been around the block a bit with web hosting AND online courses, what we have here is actually an incredible value.

I just don't understand why people get so skeptical about the web hosting here because lessons on affiliate marketing are included. Spoiler alert for anyone who stumbles across this post who is considering another web host.....they all use affiliate programs too. So all of those bloggers recommending Bluehost or any of the others are also getting paid through affiliate marketing. They're just pushing a less valuable product.
ToLiNoLi Premium
In general you will be fine with WA hosting, but it has it's limitations due to the contract WA has with their host provider. PHP.ini cannot be changed and some themes will not run as they should with this limitation (PHP.ini needs to be edited), furthermore SQL database is an older version, this can also cause trouble with some newer Woocommerce themes. Note: these are bought themes, the Siterubix themes are all fine. Hosting speed can get an issue over time if you start to grow and get tons of customers, this as your website is hosted with others on the same server. WA has no other packages yet to upgrade, maybe something will come in the future. (would be good)

So besides of these limitations, the program for learning, all the materials, all the extras included, the great community, help from the owners, makes WA one of the best choices out there.

Perhaps other programs are great too, but I cannot say as I did not had the chance to test them yet... for now I stick with WA. :)
Kyle Premium
Hosting speed is something that is a focus and the SiteSpeed foundation that you have access to here will amplify speeds much more than any other Managed Host in the industry. It is the ultimate in respect to caching and we have many members achieve 100/100 across the board with PageSpeed insights as a results. Compare this to other managed wordpress hosts that are sitting in the 60/100 - 70/100 range.

But yes, websites are on an elastic hosting framework that is sensitive to load and you will be with other websites, but when all sites are being cached on a network, they all will run much more optimally. Speed, security and hosting quality will remain a focus of ours moving forward.

In respect to PHP issues, if you ever have any technical issues forward them to our hosting SiteSupport (directly to server admins) and they will investigate the issues. Some themes and plugins are abusive and disallowed, which is why we don't support them and this is the case with any quality Wordpress host in the industry.
ToLiNoLi Premium
Thanks a lot to explain this more into the details, it gives a bigger light into how things function.

Till now I am happy with your hosting and I hope it stays like that. :) Concerning the PHP issue, if a problem arises I will gladly follow up your advice Kyle and contact the server admins, thank you for your support in that, much appreciated!
jvranjes Premium
Do not ever remove such comments.

This is a chance for you to stand the ground and give your position, be firm and polite, use arguments, ask the person to elaborate his/her claim.

The person might reply and other readers can join the discussion as well. This can only be beneficial for your post.

This holds for any niche.
MozMary Premium
I saw someone elaborate with a 2000 word comment once, but it was the owner of another platform looking for opportunities to spread his lies...got to be selective sometimes...unless you enjoy all that
jvranjes Premium
I would always welcome such comments. Imagine how many possible keywords are in it that may appear in SERPs, how heavier the post becomes with such an extra load. It would be very wrong removing it.
JasonJF Premium
These are some solid points, Jovo. Thank you.
wozzy Premium
Trash it and not give it a 2nd thought.

The classic person looking for that magic button which will make them a millionaire.

I wouldn't waste my energy!!

This is the first legitimate program, training platform that I have found on the Internet which sets a benchmark for others to follow.

That's from someone who hasn't made anything yet, but I know I will without any doubts whatsoever.
ClaireV1 Premium
I'm just beginning with Wealthy affiliate but before coming here I had hard time to find an efficient learning program and I came here because of the reviews who were excellent! And so far I'm very happy by the step by step learning and the help like you Jason are giving me . =)
I don't think it's even useful to answer this e-mail because he should not read it anyway.
MozMary Premium
is it possible to put the heading in quotation marks, sort of communicates your situation better

it's hard to know whether to engage that person or not, pearls before swine is a phrase that goes back 1000s of years - sometimes engaging an argumentative person can open their eyes but only if they are coming from a genuine place - if they are not, then they are sapping your energy and time like vampires

there is a rule of thumb with website comments though - unless it promotes your business in some way then ignore them, you aren't that desperate for comments, if that person found you then so will others

I'm finding the first people to find my website and comment are those with an agenda for themselves, but the good stuff will flow after a while
JasonJF Premium
I have added the quotation marks. Thanks for your feedback.