Hello Everybody! How Has Been the Journey So Far?

Last Update: March 05, 2019

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here on my personal blog. I realise that I wrote my last blog post here on November 16, 2018.

I have not been very active here and my WA rank is a testimony to my inactivity.

Well, it was not a conscious decision on my part but I had been very busy on my site.

I have observed an interesting thing here and I don’t know if others noticed it too.

The people who were very active here, say about a year back (or those who joined WA around the same time I did) are less active here. Unlike in those days, I don’t see posts from these members regularly now.

There are still posts appearing from these older members but they are sporadic at best. And I’m almost sure, these people, like me, are also very busy building up their own businesses. I think this trend is observable in all time periods.

People join WA and with all the excitement of creating websites and the training here, they are also more visible in the community – asking questions, writing blog posts, following other members and commenting on other people’s posts - when they are relatively new. But after a while, these people shift their activity more on their own websites rather than being active here. I hope I don’t sound like generalising it too much.

I see many new members who are very active here now. When I say ‘new members’, I mean those who joined in the last 8-10 months or so. It’s a good sign. The new members bring in a wealth of new perspectives (and knowledge) and make the community more vibrant. I can see that there are many awesome members from the new group, and the older members (I joined WA 18 months ago) like me are also learning from them.

Today, I read an interesting post from one of WA’s awesomest members, RoopeKiuttu about the importance of hard work and of not quitting. You can read his post here

Thanks to +10k WA Followers - 1 Thought That Can Change EVERYTHING!

I simply loved what he said there.

I have nothing very specific to say today. I just wanted to drop in to say a big “Hi!” to everybody and to let people know I’m still very much alive :) and, loving every bit of being a part of this amazing community.


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Babou3 Premium
Nice to meet you!
It's true what you said about the old members
who welcomed me so well when I arrived. I see them less
and less. For the moment, I can be as present on WA as to
work on my blog. We will see later, I will certainly need more
time like you and will be more and more rare here.
There will always be new blood to make this cool platform

Have a nice day!
sukumarth Premium
People come and go (I mean, really go), and I think that's how things have been here in WA, Ingrid. And like you said, there will always be new blood to make the platform more colourful. Best wishes!
AlexEvans Premium
Good to see you, Sukumar, it sounds like you are making solid progress.

It seems that folks come and go, it is good news to hear people are still here.

sukumarth Premium
I would like to believe that I'm making good progress, Alex. It's like the three phases of a river - the young river in the upper course where the water cuts through rocky terrain and moves at great speed, the middle course where the river widens and slows down following a winding path, and finally the lower course where the river splits into several slow-moving channels (tributaries) before meeting the mighty ocean. I would like to believe that I'm now in the middle course about just about to break into the final phase in my journey :)
TommyVTE Premium
That is indeed a great post from Roope. It's with almost everything in life people quit to fast.
Have a great day
sukumarth Premium
Have a great day, you too, Tommy!
SnazzyIT Premium
Hi and great to meet you and have you back again, maybe we can learn from you also :)
sukumarth Premium
...and I from you. Glad to be back in familiar grounds :)