It's Easter Sunday

Last Update: March 27, 2016

Hello to all my friends at WA! :)

Today is Easter Sunday, not just another Sunday but a very special day of celebration for Christians all around the world.

I have not been present at WA for too many months now... but I have never forgotten about WA and the many friends I had made here. Although I have recently started doing some work building websites again, I have forgotten some of the many things I had learned and it has been a bit of a challenge shifting gears and getting the hang of it again. :0

Oh... and by the way, my first anniversary at WA is also coming up!!! I guess I will be renewing my membership and be hanging around for awhile longer. :D

A Message of Hope

So I decided to write a blog today to share with you where I'm at and also about the renewed hope the Easter message brings to me. May these be words of encouragement to you also...

And a Message to my new WA Followers

Thank you all for your follow. I've sometimes wondered how come I am still getting new followers despite my very long absence ;p but I'm very honored to have you in my network and I will be following you back. Please do allow me some time to read your profiles and to connect with you.

If you have just joined WA, I wish you a warm welcome! WA is a wonderful place and I hope you will love learning here as much as I do.

May your dreams come true, online and offline!

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tclough Premium
A very Happy Easter Sue!
vin8 Premium
Happy Easter Sue.
Kav Premium
Happy Resurrection sis.
suetay Premium
Lol... thanks, Kav.
Now I need to perform some miracles and revive my websites.
laurenjean Premium Plus
Have a blessed Easter Sue. Beautiful post.
suetay Premium
Thank you Lauren!
Happy Easter to you and your little ones. :)
ChrisTowers Premium
Happy Easter to you and all the other WA members :)

All the best