All The SA problems, What to do?

Last Update: January 07, 2014

Here are all the SA problems, I am having and I ask, What to do when most lessons require you to complete the task to move forward. I don't like to complain and I don't like to skip a lesson all to move forward. I want to know why I am having the problems and I want to solve it. That way I know not only how to solve the problem, but can with confidents move forward. So everybody knows I have researched all the problems... I want to thank all who have given me advice. Even though I followed all advice to the letter I still have no positive results. So with further ado here are the problems.

  1. Copy and paste. Ok I wrote my article in word copied article, paste in notebook, copied notebook, in SA I went to paste by right clicking and there is no I repeat no paste option, in fact you don't have copy, paste even offered up. so right away I can't paste anything into SA. I have tried this many times with the same results. I even waited till the next day. I have to print the article the type it into SA. But that does not solve the problem.
  2. Highlight words to link ...So I have to type article into SA, I want to link my website to the article... Ok I have over 400 words. I went to highlight only two words ...but as I let go of the button the cursor shoots to the very top of the article and the highlighted words are no longer highlighted. Don't get it??? So I can't link anything tried several different ways ..No positive results!
I researched all before I posted this and followed all advice I received to the letter. Special thanks to BIS.

I hate not to follow the lessons exactly as laid out but I think that SA is a bigger problem to work with and don't understand why. WA should set us for success but using SA feels more like I am being told just work with it as best you can or don't worry skip it and forward. Well then I have to ask why use something that is very difficult to use. I am asking Please either fix the problems or find better format. Sorry very frustrated and seem to always run into SA problems that keep me at a stand still until I find a way around something, which is some cases has been days of lost time, material and money.

I do want to say I am Sorry to vent my problems out in the open but if I don't then I will never know if others are having the same problems.

Please help me move forward.

Danny Thurman

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Scott363 Premium
theres another way. on the bar up when editing theres an option that says paste from word. paste in the box that pops up and try entering it that way. If that doesnt work you will need to put in a support ticket or pm kyle.
Datshwa88 Premium
I think you are having problems with the website glitching out. Sometimes This happens because of blips in server time or could have something to do with a large amount of people accessing SA at the same time.

If it doesn't work correctly don't get frustrated. Take a step back save everything and take a short break.

This has happened to me fa few times as well it always gets fixed. kyle and carson are really great about fixing thing promptly.

One other tip** When using the SA article editor. I always write all my content in there rather than using MS:Word or note pad it's just easier for me I suppose
forsthomas Premium
This is strange, I just write in Words and right click on it and copy it and just paste it in at SA no problem for me, but I need to use Google Crome to use SA

KD6PAO Premium
Hang in there Danny!
BIS Premium
Okay Danny - sorry you're still frustrated.

Publishing in SA

Open up Word, Notepad and have SA open
1. Type in Word.
2. Ctrl A, Ctrl C, Ctrl V into Notepad
3. Ctrl A, Ctrl C, Ctrl V into Street Articles

Your article is now in the editor at street articles - and you can put the title, keywords, and change your article, put the links and the image. Save in Draft mode. Then you can preview the article - check everything is ok and submit.

At least that's how it should work if everything is working. I think there is a current blip in the system because I've just tried it and I couldn't get the linking to work. So I would leave it for a couple of days.

I know it's frustrating - but you're making way too big a thing of this. Your focus should be on creating content for your website. If you never posted to SA - it wouldn't be a huge disaster. You're encouraged to do so because to a new site it can create a couple of useful links to your site.

Don't let the issues with SA get you down - get back to your site. SA does occasionally have problems - but so do other directories, or sometimes there's an issue with hosting. The thing is to not let it bug you and make sure that you still get some work done.

Good luck

KD6PAO Premium
Thanks Beverly. I haven't done anything for SA yet but this will come in handy!
success2010 Premium
Beverley, Thanks. I have tried all the ways you have wrote out to the letter and still I have problems...So what other article site can I use with out all the problems because I still want to complete the task in the lesson. Any suggestions?
BIS Premium
You can Ezine - but they have stricter rules than SA or you can just be patient and wait for the issues of SA to be sorted. I know you want to complete the task in the lesson - but honestly there's not point in giving yourself all this extra strife. You can come back to this task.
success2010 Premium
Thanks, Very much for all your encouragement and advice. It helps to have someone to listen to my vent and they are able to keep me in check lol. bless you.