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Hello, Here I am at this junction starting all over again. I don't want to tell you all the things in this past year that kept me from being successful at this. To some it all up it was a combination of my illness (fibromyalgia), a death in family (hit hard) and lack of money. But this time there is no turning back. lol. Yeah said that. I thought I could do it alone, I am smart, I can figure this out. WRONG (My other voice screams at me.) lol. So this time I have a different plan. Well an idea
What to do when a sickness overwhelms you. I have been away for a while and it was due to an illness. You see I caught a very serious disease and it comes in many different forms. Well before we get into what it is, let's go through what the symptoms are. The symptoms you may have. Lack of focus Distractions around you Unable to get motivated You think that procrastination is your friend You have no set schedule to complete assignments You talk yourself out of your responsibilities You wan
I have found that we all don't walk the walk & and talk the talk. I see it all the time. Misspelled words. Yes, we live in a very fast paced world and the demand for our time grows each day. But folks come on! We all have spell check. We all see that our words are not spelled correctly on the computer screen. Yet we still submit our work as if no body will notice. Even our founders and the lesson provided can have misspelled words or missing words. Sorry Kyle and Carson but yes it is true.
Yeah, I have 1k people following me. Who am for those to follow? Well I hope I can inspirational to people. I want to thank all of you that are following me. I would like to write each one of you a personal thank you. But 1k people is a lot so I hope this will do and reaches everyone. But Whoa! This is a milestone in my WA community. So I thought I would share. Again Thank you and I hope that learning with you all is a two way street. Bless you all and the best of luck also. Sincerely, Danny
March 27, 2014
Hello, So I trashed it all. My niche my website theme. I revamped my website ...Then I found a new niche...I been learning my niche and what I have to write about so it will come across as intelligent. I started listening to these tones to help me with my fibromyalgia. It has help me over come my fatigue factor but still working on the motivation part and drive. So if you can take a look and tell me if I come across well or just plain boring. I thought I ask.
Hello, One and all. Ok I know its Monday and all. So getting started today and felt great ready to do some work. Make progress. I started with my emails and for some reason my internet was really slow. It took forever just to go through 48 emails (2hrs) I shut everything down! Rebooted and started all over again! Yea it worked! Now I am flying through the rest of the emails. So I have to take a break to do some house work. Monday is trash day so that took a bit. Oh! got to start laundry and the
January 14, 2014
Hey, Been learning from WA. {all together over a month) Found out today that my website is ranked #1 on Google. I am totally blown away by this. All I have done is write about 5 pages and a few post. Been Slow learning due to life. (Holidays, Mom in hospital, and me out of work 2 yrs. now) But this gives me new hope, even if I have not sold anything yet. I am moving forward with lessons and I am going to make this work! With the great support I have here at WA how can I lose! I have had to re
Here are all the SA problems, I am having and I ask, What to do when most lessons require you to complete the task to move forward. I don't like to complain and I don't like to skip a lesson all to move forward. I want to know why I am having the problems and I want to solve it. That way I know not only how to solve the problem, but can with confidents move forward. So everybody knows I have researched all the problems... I want to thank all who have given me advice. Even though I followed all
I say no it does not, in fact it can put you back a few steps. (to be truthful). So I feel I am ready to hear the truth about my hard work. (8hrs 22 drafts later). Please let me know about my latest post "Holiday BBQ Ideas". Thanks to all who comments.
December 06, 2013
I had started to get so much saved material that I was losing track of my business. So the organized mess had to stop! I took a few days off to start organizing my computer files and folders, going through everything. Getting rid of junk and stuff like "why did I save this" and "where did this come from" files. I made new folders being specific on the title as to it's content. I went to my email doing the same thing, (rename, delete, reorganize) knowing exactly what you have in your files and f