Binge-watching, Is It An Addiction?

Last Update: Sep 29, 2018

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Another weekend is here and my bride of thirty plus years and daughter are heading to St. Louis to see the Broadway show Love Never Dies which is a sequel to The Phantom Of The Opera. I am home alone with my canine furbabies Scrappy, Roxy, and Desi Lu watching an old television series due to an inflamed sciatic nerve.

Over the past few years, I find that I do not like to watch television series as broadcast, and it seems as though I am not the only person that prefers using this methodology of viewing programs.

For me, binge-watching also called binge-viewing or marathon-viewing started with the series Deadwood which aired on HBO. We did not subscribe to HBO, so when it became available on Netflix, we watched the entire series in less than a week of time.

My wife and I were hooked much the same as our grown children on binge-watching and as the years have passed so have the series we have watched. There are differing opinions on if binge-watching is good or bad, but perhaps there is nothing wrong if in moderation.

Well, that is a twist, what is binge-watching in moderation? Binge-watching in moderation is where you do not need to watch a series every day or every week but occasionally. For example, we have been watching the eleven seasons of the comedy series Frasier for well over a year where we may view one or two episodes a night.

So, today I am not using my moderation technique as I watch the crime drama series Hill Street Blues, but maybe it is more for background noise than entertainment since I am also working and blogging throughout the day.

The last series we binge-watched by definition was Black Sails. Soon, we will need to binge watch season two of Westworld which we have put off and the newest season of Game Of Thrones.

Perhaps, my need to binge-watching goes beyond television. I love to read series books, I listen to specific types of music and switch to different genres, I write in spurts, and I utilize the same methodology in other areas of my life.

  • Do you have binging traits? What are they?
  • What television series would you recommend bing-watching?

I best return to my furbabies and watching Hill Street Blues. It can be interesting being fifty plus going on fifteen.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


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Hi Jay, I don't have binging traits but I too have sciatic nerve problems caused by my football days as an ex rugby league hooker. I know how you are feeling. Try some Yoga! BUT it is not as easy as it is pronounced.

Thanks for the recommendation. Yoga, never tried it but open to trying anything. Have a good one. J

It is hard at first but when you get stretching it is good. It surprised me.

The only thing I binge on is probably chocolate. Netflix binges take up too much time. Plus, unless I'm sick, I get ansty sitting that long. I'm interested in the sequel to Phantom of the Opera though......I didn't realize that existed. See---too many things to do, place to go, people to


Debbi, understand the sitting around and getting antsy. I believe I do it mainly for the noise, I hate silence. My wife and daughter enjoyed the sequel, wonder if it will be a movie? Thanks for stopping by. J

Hey Jay,
I will binge-watch SVU and medical drama.
I will binge-listen to Office, Once, and Locked Up. My kids are watching these while I'm writing my blog or working on my website.

Tried and True


Elaine, you sound like me... I need noise in the background. J

Thanks for sharing, Jay.

Thanks. Be good. J

No problem.

Hi Jay,
Very addictive. I am a member of "Stan" but don't go on that much as I tend to get stuck in there for hours at a time. Instead I go on You Tube, and that is the most addictive program of all, although I do learn a lot of good stuff and can shut the commercials down as they appear.

Gaia is another place I love to check out, sooo much information and a lot of time spent there too if I visit.

Checking in here at WA is pretty addictive also, I just have to see which of my friends are saying something.

Nice post.

Cheers Jae ☼

Jae... we do have many distractions that take us down rabbit holes. Thanks for stopping by. J

I confess. My husband and I binge on Netflix all the time. Once we find something we love we can watch a few episodes each night. Then when it's over, we need to find another one just as good! It's our way of winding down after long days of work and kids :)

I agree it is a good way to wind down and there is not a long wait between episodes. Thanks for responding and if you run into a great series let me know. J

I also prefer binge watching to regular network viewing....I don't do it all time but when I's fun. I just finished Ozark..,a little dark but kept my interest...Stars Justin Bateman who I like.. Enjoy your weekend.

Debbie, I live in the Missouri Ozarks. Enough said. Enjoy your weekend also and thanks for stopping by. J

Oops! Lol

My favorite binge so far has been Stranger Things! And I’m a fan of the British crime dramas, Luther and Shetland. I limit my binging to one weekend a month, that’s usually about how often I’m down with health issues and can’t do much anyway.
P.S.-does your binging include eating stuff you normally don’t..ha ha

KyleAnn, Yes on the eating stuff I should not. I love, absolutely love potatoes and work to not binge on them. Thanks, J

Occasional diversion. Binge never!

Mike, thank, it is in moderation. J

Get into the Show Breaking Bad ... I could not leave that one alone :) hours and hours each sitting ... loved it ... but i do not make it a habit!

Chris, Loved Breaking Bad. Binged after each season but not the entire thing, probably need to. Thanks, J

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