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Last Update: November 20, 2016

My middle son graduated from high school on Friday. As graduations go, it was probably the best one I've been to. Most of the speeches were not drawn out with a lot of humour put in. The school captains did a great job. It was still about 2 hours long with 229 seniors to receive their graduation certificates, but entertaining enough not to notice.

One of the speeches that sticks in my mind, was from the Head of Year 12 teacher. As he was talking about what the graduates could be capable of, he said "success is not achieved through good luck. It takes determination, dedication, perseverance and a lot of hard work."

This stuck because I realised that I have not been doing any of the things he mentioned for me to succeed in all my goals.

Circumstances this year have caused me to develop depression (which I have never suffered from before) and a huge lack of motivation.

My injury at work last year turned into chronic nerve pain, which has affected everything I once did and also affected my entire family.

Losing my Mum in June just made everything worse, tenfold. I still miss her everyday and wish she were here to be able to talk to. My son's graduation was bittersweet. I loved watching him graduate and was so proud of him. But he was the first of my mother's grandchildren that didn't have a grandparent present.

Anyway going back to the inspirational speech. It's made me want to stop feeling sorry for myself, appreciate all that I have. Get my butt into gear and do some work on my website to earn some money for my family.


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MarseanM Premium
Great Post and sorry to hear about your mom i feel that would make anybody lose focus losing their parents especially there mother I can imagine what you're going through, but congratulations to your son graduating that's a great accomplishment and Good luck on your websites
storm57 Premium
Thank you.
Hofmeister Premium
Great to see you again Gail:)
RHBarlow Premium
You are right we have to live for the present and the future because there isn't much we can do about our past! Enjoy your journey with WA!
StepChook Premium
Good on you, Gail! Life certainly does throw some curve balls at us! It's how we react to them, that really counts.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident just short of four weeks ago and, admittedly, I'm feeling pretty useless at the moment and, at times, very sorry for myself. It is what it is and so I just need to get over it, deal with the healing process and move on.

I know it's nothing like losing a loved one, but I'm pretty sure you must've done through an emotional roller-coaster when you had your injury.
storm57 Premium
Thank you, I am sorry to hear about your accident as well. I hope you are recovery ok.
CarolE1 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Gail and best of luck to you and you can and will be great.