I Had A Realy Bad Black Friday

Last Update: November 29, 2014

I've put my little internet tripe on the low pressure today. It should of course be otherwise today the next 2 days where I had plan.

Now think you probably why.

But last night on the way up to my girlfriend and her children.

I sat in the passenger seat next to her and my son was sitting behind me.

All had apparently hurry to get home. All drive closely behind one another. Suddenly brakes the car run forand us very hard up, my girlfriend do the same.

The result in the car it run right behind us hit us with relatively high speed.

The car is a total loss. But never mind, it's only a piece of metal.

What is even being is that both my son and my girlfriend have received injuries to the back and neck.

My son is 12 and I am sure he probably should get better within a few weeks.

Whereas my girlfriend is still hospitalized with a fracture around the neck. As I understand the doctor she must go with a collar of 4 weeks.

I know this post does not have as much to do with what we learn. But I am a little tired of no one understands how important it is to keep the speed down and keep a safe distance to the car run forand.

One last thing beware of yourself and others around you when in the driving.

It is so incredibly strong that you fail to grasp when it happens

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Funmine Premium
Yes, defensive driving is recommended. They say you should see every other driver as crazy. People do strange things behind the wheels other than driving under the influence.

Thank God you are all safe, Steen! I wish your girlfriend and your son compete recovery.
gohealthy Premium
Sorry to hear this. Hope things will get better soon. :)
dhayman Premium
Hope uou are all OK.
mrpeter Premium
Oh no! Sorry to hear this and you are so right to highlight the speed / distance thing, some people are crazy. I hope your son is ok and your girlfriend improves quickly.
kholmes Premium
Sorry to hear about that! Glad your son and girlfriend will be okay. You are right on the advice of being aware of other drivers, some people just don't pay attention.