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Can I transfer over a website from bluehost to wa?

Can I transfer over a website from bluehost to wa?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi there, I have a website I setup last year, and not really sure what I was doing with it at the time, so It is still live. I was wondering If I can transfer it over to WA?

You may transfer or point to WA servers (if transferring domain has to end in .com, .net or .org.

To update your domain DNS settings to point to WA. Here are the DNS settings.


These settings will be updated within your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain) after the transfer has taken place. To transfer your domain here you need login current registrar and fetch the EPP code, there's a one year charge of $15, privacy included. One year more will get added to your domain.

Also it has to have passed the grace period of 60 days.

yes indeed. you w need to transfer your domain and point your name servers to wealthy affiliate.

Primary: ns1.mywahosting.com
Secondary: ns2.mywahosting.com
Then ask site support how to transfer your blog

Thanks Catherine

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Adding a header to my site, any tips please?

Adding a header to my site, any tips please?

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Getting Started

Hi guys, I used Canva recently to add a header to my site, and don't really like the look of it, are there any tips or links for me to try and create a decent-looking header? <

That really depends on the theme you are using.

You may want to check your options in Appearance > Customize.

Thank you, Abie.

If your free siterubix.com website is available to trying headers. you could install the same theme there and try some images.

You can also look for a youtube video for your theme. Usually they have one. Plus your theme will have documentation.

It is good to learn how to do it.

We use MS Power point. but many use Canva.
You may found the following link helpful Also a link for free images And remember to check WA site content
/www.converticacommerce (dot) com/ux-ui-frontend-design/5-cool-sites-for-wordpress-header-images/

Thank you, George, Ill check those links out.

A header picture I take it is what you mean?
I just used the free images available through Site Content. Alternatively, try these: It also depends on what Theme you've chosen for your site. You may need to play around a bit to ensure the right header looks good with the right theme.

Thanks for the help Matthew.

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Adding custom html to my site?

Adding custom html to my site?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi guys, I was watching a tutorial video on WP Beginner about Google My Maps and was looking to add a map on one of my posts showing directions to a destination and attraction.

was it this one
and did the code from google maps have the iframe...
if it did then adding it to a custom html block will display it....
the extra bit for seo from aio is with the paid version of aio for local seo
when you say it deosn't work...could you expand on that ...
it doesn't show...
you have looked at the source code for the page and it isn't there...

Hi Phil, it was this link. When I enter in the html it does nothing and the preview does not work either.

Got it sorted thanks.

Hi Abie, thanks, I have tried to follow the above links but no joy yet.
Kadence has the latest updates and I have followed all other instructions and I have my Google Maps API key, but I don't seem to see where to enter the API key in my WordPress dashboard. Maybe Ill try it tomorrow with a fresher mind lol
Thanks Abie

I reach out to Kadence support and the developers, however yes keep us updated. Most welcome!

Thanks Abie , got it sorted.

That's awesome, thank you for letting us know.

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