Month 15 at WA

Last Update: February 22, 2015

Even though I've been with WA for 15 months, I took a 6 month break and just came back 3 weeks ago. In the last few weeks, I've completed 3 new blog post on my website. Even though those blog post have not ranked very high, I've seen the overall traffic on my website go up in the last couple of weeks. I think google is happy that I'm posting new content again and my overall site is benefiting from that.

I've also posted here at WA a few times. One of my goals is to improve my rank to get in the top 200. We I came back my rank was 1657 and as of today my rank is 605. I'm pretty happy with that improvement.

I've chosen to make a come back because of the stability that this type of business has proven to be. I'm going to give some numbers to prove the stability of this business. Prior to the recent 3 post, I had not posted to my website since last August. I currently have 1200 visitors per month to my website. In 2015, I've had 416 clicks on my WA links with 4 referrals and 1 new sale. I would say those are some good numbers for not doing any work for six months. Where would I be if I had kept working? We'll see in 6 months.

I've now complete course 4 of the boot camp and moving on to course 5. Going to keep moving forward and no more long breaks.

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HelenpDoyle Premium
Good work.
TammyRay Premium
Awesome post Steve. I'm a newbie myself, I joined 2/9/15. I really liked your honesty about your sites traffic and sales during your hiatus. It is encouraging. Glad to have you back and have an awesome day! Hey...... I wish you much success and happiness on all your journeys.
LisB247 Premium
Hi Steve, welcome back to the WA community. Your figures are very impressive and as you have said if you work hard the next six months should be phenomenal. Wishing you greater success.
Pinny Premium
Well Done, Its good to see you are well on your way to success. Keep it up.
floridajf Premium
Glad to see that you came back after your 6 month break. It is definitely great to have you back :) Looks like you are now more determined than ever. Keep up the great work :)