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October 12, 2019
My intent with this blog is too lay out my starting situation today with my website and my efforts to promote WA. This is like my before picture as if I was trying to lose weight.Background: I've been with WA for almost 6 years. When I started I completed the bootcamp training and built a website to promote WA. That website currently has 23 pages and 111 post with 53 of the post being reviews. The vast majority of those pages and post were written 5 years ago. I have now created a tracking shee
October 10, 2019
I'm in month 72 at WA. At the end of this month, I'll have completed 6 years with Weathly Affiliate. My last post on WA was titled "Month 15 at WA". In the last 5 years, I've done very little with WA and spent almost no time on this website. But because of the work I did 5 years ago I'm still earning $1,000 per year from my affiliate website. During the last 5 years, I've been working in local marketing and I make some good money with that. But I've grown tired of dealing with local business ow
February 22, 2015
Even though I've been with WA for 15 months, I took a 6 month break and just came back 3 weeks ago. In the last few weeks, I've completed 3 new blog post on my website. Even though those blog post have not ranked very high, I've seen the overall traffic on my website go up in the last couple of weeks. I think google is happy that I'm posting new content again and my overall site is benefiting from that. I've also posted here at WA a few times. One of my goals is to improve my rank to get in
Any one can succeed at anything they set their mind to do. I truly believe this because I've done it several times in my life. What ever you want to succeed at requires a certain set of skills. You need to learn those skills. All skills can can be learned. Here at WA we are learning the skills required to succeed with an online business. Once you have learned the skill then you need to practice that skill until you become great at that skill. This requires a great work ethic because you ne
February 16, 2015
Last year a successful internet marketer shared a motivational video with me. He uses these videos to get himself motivated when he gets tired. Sometimes you need the extra boost of motivation that these types of videos can give you. Ever since watching that first video, I've watched many of these videos. The WA community can also be a great source of motivation and encouragement so I want to share one of my favorite motivational videos. This video is about belief. If you believe it can happ
February 14, 2015
I've been back at it for a week now. All the comments and encouragement from everyone here has been great. Amazingly I've gotten an additional sale from the work I did last year. Gotta love that. I've started the affiliate bootcamp over from the beginning. I'm picking up things that I missed the first time. I'm on the lesson for writing the WA review. I want to re-write the review. Obviously, a year later I have a more in-depth view of WA and feel I can do a much better review so that is
February 13, 2015
Today I got my first sale of 2015. This is not my first sale with WA. Just last week I returned to working on my business here after 6 months of doing nothing. So could I really have a sale that quick? The first thing I did was check out my tracking links to find out where the sale came from. I was surprised that the link for this sale was one that I had not used since last spring. My first thought was how could that be possible. It didn't make sense at first. Then I checked out the profi
February 08, 2015
It's been about six months of inactivity for me. My rank has dropped to 1657 and my last blog on my website was Aug 14. But I've learned something very important from this inactivity. Building a quality blog will keep producing even if you miss some time. Even after 6 months, I'm still getting clicks on my blog. The number of clicks is down but they are still coming in everyday. With clicks, there are eventually referrals then sales. This morning I updated my profile here with some good i
November 23, 2014
It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by. Lot's of ups and downs in the last year. The last few months more downs than ups. My last progress report was posted in month 7. In the last few months, I've had to deal with a number of life situations that have taken my time and drained my bank account. Fortunately nothing life threatening. The good news is even though I have not worked much on my business the last few months, I still have a steady income each month. The income is small
July 05, 2014
Another good month at WA. I keep working on the website. And my traffic continues to grow. Over the last 30 days my website had over 350 visitors just from organic search traffic. It continues to grow everyday. My site's authority continues to grow. I see many of my post moving up in the rankings. I still only have one ranked on the first page but several on pages 2 to 5. I suspect in the coming months I'll get more of them onto the first page. Best of all I've gotten 2 new sales this mo