This is an excellent article and Iwanted to share

Last Update: March 13, 2015

Hi Folks,

This was written by a fellow member here at WA (Eddy Salomon). He is "spot-on" in his writing. I wanted to share this with you. PLease leave me a note with your thoughts on what Eddy talks about in his post.

Wishing you MASSIVE success!


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jazminf Premium
Totally agree, I'm guilty of a lot Eddy wrote about. Thank you for sharing Stephon:)
Christabelle Premium
Yes it is a good article, I agree!
MarieKi Premium
Thanks for sharing. It made me think. I do get distracted by the fact I want everything I write to be perfect. So I sit for days trying to improve it. High ambitions: since I decided to write in English and I only learned it in School.

Wish you massive success too!
dcomeau Premium
Very good article and a good reminder for us all.
ar20746 Premium Plus
Yes, good one. :)