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Last Update: May 03, 2018

Thank you for stopping by to read this WA blog I wrote about discovering your life's purpose. For a more step-by-step instruction based on this blog, you may visit my training:

We at Wealthy Affiliate want a better life for ourselves. We want to know what is our purpose in life. How can we live the best life possible? Are there options out there besides living the mediocre life? Why have I been put on this planet? Those are questions that we may have asked ourselves when searching online for ways to become successful online entrepreneurs. Below I have made an outline of questions you can ask yourself and once you are able to answer you will know your life's purpose. It is easier than you think....

Ask Yourself:

1. Who Are You?

This is a simple question to answer. Just give your name. I am Steph. Your name is Bill, Joe, David, etc. whatever your name is.

2. What do you do?

This question about what do you do that you enjoy doing most. What activity are you most passionate about? With being at WA, this would tie into what our niche is. Maybe you are a personal trainer, because you are passionate about good health and exercise. That would be your niche for your website.

3. Who do you do it for?

Being at WA, this would be your target audience for your websites. Who are you wanting to help? Whose life are you wanting to improve through your online presence? Maybe you are doing a website about personal fitness after you turn 50. You are doing it for the older generations. You want to help the older generation stay active and healthier longer so they can enjoy life and their grandchildren, etc. longer. Try to find a target audience that normally would not consider your niche but would benefit greatly. The older generation often do not concern themselves with personal fitness and exercise as does the younger generation, but it is when we get older that we need to exercise and be more active.

4. What do they need from you?

This question is about what solution is your target audience needing you to solve for them. If you are doing a personal fitness niche site for people age 50 and above, they need you to show them how can they become more active without hurting themselves and why is it so important. They need you to show them the benefits of exercising after 50. They need you to remind them of all the reasons they will want to live for as long as they can. Use medical research-based evidence to prove to them that exercising after 50 will improve their life span and increase their overall emotional well-being, etc.

5. How have they changed as a result?

This last question illustrates how you have improved their lives as a result of your hard work and dedication to your cause. Through a personal fitness niche website, for example, you have increased the life span of individuals of the older generation by showing them the benefits of exercising after the age of 50 and by getting them to turn off Family Fued and get out to the gym and start a workout routine. Their lives have changed by lengthening their life span so they could spend more precious time with grandchildren and watching them grow up.

Once you are able to effectively answer those questions you know what your purpose is. The beauty about belonging to WA is that you can take any talent, interest, passion, hobby, desire, etc you have and turn into a niche site that helps a specific target audience with a specific need and change their lives through your site.

You can use this sentence template to explain your life's purpose through the use of WA tools:

Hello, my name is [ENTER YOUR NAME}. I developed and maintain a [ENETR YOUR NICHE] website for [ENTER TARGET AUDIENCE] that helps them [ENTER THE NEED] and as a result, they [ENTER THE CHANGE MADE].

So, going off our example we were using on personal fitness,.....

Hello, my name is Joe. I developed and maintain a personal fitness website for people over 50 that helps them see the benefits to exercising and staying active and as a result, they life longer lives.

One of my websites that I designed through WA is and here is a sentence I wrote using this formula...

Hello. my name is Steph. I developed and maintain an animal philanthropy website which reaches out to potential pet owners about the myths surrounding black cats and how black cats have been overlooked in shelters causing euthanasia numbers for black animals to be at or near the top. As a result of my efforts, more black cats will find their forever homes instead of being left behind to be put down.

For my WA website (my Bootcamp site) I wrote the following sentence using the formula. For those of you creating a bootcamp site for WA, you could use a very similar sentence as the one I have below.

Hello. My name is Steph. I developed and maintain an internet marketing website which reaches out to people who are unemployed or are unhappy with their current jobs about the opportunities of creating a legitimate online business that they can get started for free and as a result, my referrals are discovering financial freedom instead of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

I joined WA three years ago this month, and it was three months after my father passed away. I moved back home to be closer to family following his passing. is a website that honors my father and was the first niche website I designed using the tools here at WA. Here is the sentence I wrote using the formula....

Hello. My name is Steph. I developed and maintain a website which honors my late father and his many accomplishments. The site connects to wargamers whose lives were touched by the numerous contributions my father made to the wargaming community and allows them to share memories, stories, and thoughts of my father. As a result, my father's legacy lives on and will never be forgotten.

I hope this helps you when designing your niche site and discovering what it is who ar emeant to do....I would love to hear from you all. Please feel free to post your story using the formula. Would love to read them.

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Pernilla Premium
Hello Stephanie!

Wonderful post!!
I have found my purpose and I have chosen my niche. Nevertheless your advice is very helpful. This helps me to do my "Elevator pitch"!

Please have a quick look at my latest post: ;-)
stephhill Premium
I loved your post. Thank you for sharing. :)
Chris2005 Premium Plus
Hello, my name is John. I developed and maintain a outdoor decor website for first time homeowners or those wishing to update their outdoor living space, that helps them find the right stuff for their outdoor space and as a result, they extend their living space to the great outdoors.
stephhill Premium
Hi John:

That is so awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. :)
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
stephhill Premium
Hi Roger:

Good to see you again. How are you doing?

RCollis Premium
A great and straightforward formula that helps develop our raison d'être and define our niche. This has helped me to finally ( ! ) drill down to my desired niche. My other niche teaches should be much easier with this focus. Thank you Steph, you are amazing.
stephhill Premium
Thank you so much. That is so kind of you to say. Makes my day when someone like you says something so touching. :)
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Good post, Stephanie! Although I've started one niche site, I have plans to do others after I finish all the Certification courses. With diverse interests, it can be challenging to narrow niche ideas down. Thanks for the tips and suggestions! :)
stephhill Premium
I know what you mean Colleen about having many different interests and trying to narrow it down. I too struggle with that. :)