My Aweber account failed and I lost 94 sign ups!

Last Update: Feb 23, 2017


Yes, 93 people have been trying to get my free e-course and Aweber failed to deliver the email follow ups.

It took me so long to realize that. I thought my opt-in forms must be terrible because I was not getting any sign ups for weeks!

It is an error in the integration between thrive leads and Aweber, so I sent a support tickets.

Anyway, now I have to manually insert all the people who signed up. I know their emails because Thrive Leads stored them, which is a relief!

So, if you are not getting any sign-ups, make sure your autoresponder is working properly. Run a test with your own email address.

Lesson learned!


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What has happened finally?
Whose fault was that? Thrive, Aweber or WA?


Thrive and Aweber said everything is Ok on their end. So, now WA is still working to solve this issue.

Unfortunately, I also have problems with a function of Yoast premium and a backup plugin.

It's not funny these days :/

Sh.... I don't have an autoresponder, and that's one reason I don't trust them! :)

lol, this can happen with anything really... technical problems are everywhere, but WA is here to help :)

Yikes, sorry to hear that! I'll certainly check with GetResponse to see if anything like this is happening.

The issue has to be solved by WA. It's out of the scope of Aweber and Thrives themes. Thanks Brian!

I would lodge a complaint to Aweber

They said I should contact Thrive, which provides the optin in forms and do the integration. Now, I need to wait for the response


Thats a real pain! Good you still have the emails tho :)

real pain, and a waste of time... now it's done. :)

Thats good!! :)

What a bummer!!


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