Change your thoughts about how to make money online.

Last Update: June 09, 2014

We all want to make money online, but we should be thinking about people and relationship building instead of only thinking about $$signs in our head.

This is a good article about relationship marketing. Let me know your thoughts on it.

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jmaurice Premium
very insightful and something we all could put to use
kbyer Premium
I think Kyle sums it up in one of his courses where he reminds us that we are dealing with people in this business. It just doesn't stop there. In everygthing we do, work, play, worship, shop, we deal with people.

I know that when I am approached in a retail environment in a friendly manor by the sales associate and they are more than willing to converse with me, laugh and joke, I am more willing to open up to them and more receptive towards making a purchase.

Thanks for the article. Nice to see someone reminding us that not only are we Human, but that we are also dealing with others such as ourselves.

Thanks, Ken.
wallwolf Premium
I like the simpler times myself. My family came from the UK version of that which is talked about in the article. We had running water but when I went to stay as a youngster we filled a tin bath in front of the ire. No plumbed- in bath tub:)

I need to make money so that I can happily take care of the people who matter to me....I don't make money just to make money. That's a good article. It mentions a guy wanting to work for Wall-Mart. The impression I get is that some readers may frown on his lack of ambition. If you sweep the street or dig ditches and are a good happy person. You're a success right there.

A rich man dying surrounded by hired help is as poor as any hobo in my eyes.
Funmine Premium
Throw away your mindset of making money online! That is an inevitable realization that many of us are beginning to embrace once we have a better understanding of the concept of adding value to the customers' experience.

Thanks for bringing this post to our attention. We need to be reminded as often as possible.
Jen090 Premium
That's right you have a point. Hence, I've been trying so hard to think of how I can add more value to my content. Giving the readers more info about your niche or topic will definitely increase your ranking.