My Momentous Day

Last Update: May 27, 2018
A Momentous Day

Today is a momentous day for me.

What is momentous about it? Three things

1. I completed 2nd level certification training

2. My website was launch at G+ in the public & Wealthy Affiliate groups.

3. I referenced my latest post 'What is the Best Treatment for an Enlarged Prostate?'

This launching not only presents public view but also a reality; I'm officially within this genre of online marketing.

These may seem small things but for me they represent an accomplishment I never thought would happen. It urges my renewed commitment & dedication for continued efforts to achieve my goals.

Reviewing my journey so far, I revel in my decision to win. When an obstacle or crossroads appeared, I have said to myself, "I will find a way." At my persistence; I always did.

Sometimes, my fingers have a way of striking a key, to place me in ether nether land. Soon, I noticed; I always managed to get myself back home. Yeah! I did it by deciding this machine will not master me.

It is my determine to learn technology for management in the manner I choose & desire. It means; I will learn the online marketing business for my well-being & self-confidence. There is a lot to learn & I'm up for it. Onward & upward to the next level.

In deepest gratitude, I thank you, WA members for your support, encouragement & guidance.


I would love to hear your comments & thought.

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jetrbby80316 Premium
Congrats on a momentus day, Lovetta. Many more to come. You have a great niche, Men's Prostate Health, very useful information!
Starbound Premium
Some topics are easy to discuss. It is natural for people to shy from delicate subjects, if there is a lack of knowledge. My desire is to bridge that gap not only for understanding, but also, to empower those ailing to seek modalities for relief.

Appreciation for your time reviewing my work.
Thank you for your comments.
JeannineC Premium
So glad it is all going so well! Congrats!
Starbound Premium
Thank you.
DrewBrewer Premium
Way to go Lovetta,
Keep it up, and congrats! "Focused Intention" is the key.
Starbound Premium
Hi Drew,

Thank you for your time to make comments.
I'll may efforts on my focused intention. Determination to win is one of my watchwords.

Success to you also.
RichBrennan Premium
Well done, Lovetta. Staying focused is key and it's all too easy to lose track at times. I look forward to following your success :-)
Starbound Premium
Thank you, Rich.
I appreciate your support.
May you continue your process toward victory.

Bryan8 Premium