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May 27, 2018
A Momentous DayToday is a momentous day for me. What is momentous about it? Three things 1. I completed 2nd level certification training 2. My website was launch at G+ in the public & Wealthy Affiliate groups. 3. I referenced my latest post 'What is the Best Treatment for an Enlarged Prostate?' This launching not only presents public view but also a reality; I'm officially within this genre of online marketing. These may seem small things but for me they represent an accomplish
May 14, 2018
Google Has Found Me!!!Whoa!! This is it! Google has found me. My blog has been indexed. I found my website blog on G+.I've set up Google analytic for my website. It's a new website; so no activity yet.Next step for me, is to learn what all this means & how to improve my ratings.I feel a mixture of elation and trepidation. The magnitude of things I need to learn and to do looms heavy in my future.Wow! Now, where to resume; or more to the point where to continue. I have begun the journey; now
Who Am I?Me and writing. What do I want to write about? I write to chronicle my "where" as it relates to my writing as an affiliate at WA and as I develop here. Writing in present time is something I dodge. Why? There is a why. What is it? These are topics I want to explore as I write this blog. I have presented the who & what. Where are blogs on WA & my website. Why do I shy from writing? My when as a focus will be addressed. I want to explore these on how they relate to me as a writer
Katana, Samurai SwordIn a recent blog, the word transformation was mentioned. Immediately, I was reminded of metal smelting. In this process, metal ore combined with coke or charcoal is burned at high temperatures. Intense heat generated from high temperatures coalesces impurities. As they meld, ore and carbon combine producing steel. This high grade, pure steel can be reshaped into verified objects of beauty, durability and utility. One object exemplifying this process is a traditional Samurai
April 06, 2018
Hard Lesson, Best TeacherAt the onset, I knew writing is the crux of the Internet Marketing business. Success is dependent on our objectives and how well we write to achieve those objectives. With altruistic motivation, we write to teach, to encourage, to support, to engage, to solve a problem, and ultimately, for a visitor to act.For some writing flows like a babbling brook. A thought or an idea may surface and after some contemplation, words and structure begin to form onto a page. From child
January 28, 2018
Now that I have found this link, I am stunned. I am stunned it took me so long to see the pen icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. After joining WA in May 2017, my overwhelm was overwhelmed. There is so much going here. So many places to go, I'd get lost! So many options. Although, I felt like a kid in a toy store; I made so many blunders, I'd forget what I came to do or this isn't what I asked for. How do I get back? I left WA in August 2017.I have a brain condition, undiagnosed