Would you converse with a bot?

Last Update: May 24, 2022

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Even in this day and age with Billions of people on social media I see so many people with no profile picture even here in Wealthy Affiliate. The thing is if you are serious about wanting to build an online business then a picture of your dog or a cartoon character will not do you any favours.

Would you like to find out what a logo has to say? Chances are you might not and neither do I. In fact, there is a good chance you could be interacting with an AI bot or some automated canned messages.

Setting up a profile pic in the smartphone era takes about two minutes max, you can take a selfie or get someone else to take some photos of you and pick the best one.

Do not procrastinate over your age, looks, or the spot you have on your face today just take the picture and go to your profile be it social media Wealthy Affiliate profile, or anywhere else, and upload that picture.

In my eyes if someone cannot be bothered to upload a picture they cannot be serious about their business, so I won't follow them there are millions of fake spam social media accounts out there so why would you want to add more of them to your collection?

If you haven't already log in to all your social media accounts and online business accounts including WA and upload a profile picture that way people will see who you are and be more likely to interact and do business with you.

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This post is encouraging.

I understand that there are some people that are fearful of revealing their identity or geographic location.

If this is the case, you really should not be on the Internet. IMO

However, if your business model is simply Driving Traffic to Platforms that are trusted, and earning commissions, that’s fine.

But if you are interested in selling higher ticket products and services, you pretty much need to be an open and transparent Sincere and Authentic human being.

For the record, a lot of people are communicating with robots, and do not even know it.

I get where you are coming from, this is a hard one I suppose even with a profile pic you can ramp it up a bit and make it look interesting, but even so viewers might think you look like a right twat🤪so they avoid you anyway 🤷‍♀️
I think we need to be more courteous anyways and see what they have to say 🤔 before we judge, but good point 🙂

Well, first of all, you have NOTHING to worry about in that regard! Secondly, if a person is REALLY concerned, they could go to a professional photographer. I remember that Brad at MagicStudios recommended that we should all have a professionally taken photo of ourselves to use on everything we put out.

Me? I am the most unphotographical person in the world. I always have a weird expression or whatever. I just went through all of my photos and actually found a good one in a group shot and cropped it out. If I were less lazy, I should have changed the background but it’s not horrible and that’s what I was going for!

If I can do it, anybody can!


I agree with you. A real-life photo is my preference.

I'm not sure I would want to converse with a bot
I'm not sure what they are programmed to say
I'm not sure what I would talk about with a bot
But I'm sure it would be pretty boring day

I'd rather converse with a human being
And learn about them and their life
I'd rather share experiences and stories
Than talk to some machine that has no soul.

(Written by a bot!)

Your picture builds a certain level of trust. Even with the picture, some people just wont follow you. It is what is it, free will, their choice

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