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My 12 Year Old Son's Marketing Bought Him A New ComputerAfter a week of hustling my 12 year old son just ordered his new computer online.In my last post I talked about my sons first venture into marketing on the Internet, Crazy thing was he did it all himself using his own ideas with absolutely no help from me.He is really excited as he kept on listing and selling his virtual games stuff until he finally got enough money to buy himself his own computer, I bought him a laptop a few years ago but
Yes My 12 Year Old Son Made His First $190 Online. It started with a bit of a lecture LOL.. My sons spend a lot of time playing around on the Internet, but never seemed to think about using it as a tool to create an income. As I do not like being pushed around I try not to be too pushy with my kids.One day I couldn't keep it in any more and I told them a few things and for once a couple of them at least seemed to listen. So my second youngest son who is twelve has been playing some games onlin
Updated Video Trainings Tips For Building Your Online BusinessSometimes I have a bit of bother finding some of my WA Video trainings as it takes me ages to scroll down through all the videos to see the titles.So I decided to make it easier for myself and everyone else I would create an updated list of all my video trainings here. That way I can update it weekly and make it easy to see all the titles and subjects of my training videos1.How To Create A Call To Action In Facebook Videos2. How To T
Absolutely delighted to have made the top 50 last night checked my ranking and it said 46. To get ranked 46 out of all the helpful members in here is certainly no small thing, would like to say a big thanks to all my fellow WA friends and followers for all your support. You may like to also check out my recent video as it helped me a lot when I was at a low point in my business many years ago. You All Lots Of Success
April 27, 2019
Wow I Made The Top 100 - I logged into my WA yesterday to answer some comments on one of my training videos and I saw I was ranked 88, Have to say I have been busy here recently but I am really grateful and delighted to have made it into the top 100 here at WA.I would just like to thank all my friends and followers here at WA for all of your support and comments. And would like to wish you all an awesome 2019 may all your business goals and dreams come true.Remember that you can achieve anythi
I just finished my first 100 WA Video Trainings, one of the things about doing daily video trainings is firstly it is great practise for doing videos. It also helps you to become more creative as you need to come up with new ideas for your videos daily. Always have been a big believer of actions speak louder than words, so at the end of the day it's always good to look back and see what achievements you have made today. Thats why I keep a digital diary of my to do lists which I can check off as
What Happened To My Video Trainings?When I started doing video trainings a few months ago, they used to be seen. Recently when I make training video hardly anyone ever sees it. Since blog posts seem to get a lot of hits and the video trainings don't, I think it may be an idea to post my video trainings in a blog post. If you have been doing training videos here on WA what tips do you use for getting more views? Is the main way to get more views to just add them in the blog posts, within the wri
Oh yes!! Another Hacked WebsiteI have blogging for well over 12 years now. Last night I got a message from my downtime website software telling me that one of my websites was down. So I typed in the url, and and low and behold I got a warning on Google Chrome that this site has been hacked, and the red warning screen. For many people, getting their website hacked can be the turning point that makes them quit blogging. Fortunately I am not so easily put off, and thankfully dealing with these h
The thing is you can do training forever and you might learn some great things, but training without implementation is pretty pointless. Success is not created by training, Success is created by learning doing and then in the next stage possibly teaching. So often I come across people on the Internet who have maybe been training online for 8 years. And they act like newbies and many of them still believe in their own heads that they are newbies.That is because often they do not finish what the
Don't make this mistake in your business. I see this happen all the time Whenever I visit websites or blogs. People spend many hours writing content, making videos or creating audios.The thing is most times they forget or don't bother putting in a call to action. What is a call to action you may ask, something as simple as an optin page, a buy button,a follow me on social media button, or a subscribe to my You Tube channel button.The thing is if you don't actually tell people what to do, then t