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Last Update: November 08, 2018


I forgot to include this screen shot.

I had to point out to someone in the comments who was so high and mighty about being "honest" that this is INTERNET MARKETING not the GIRL SCOUTS. We are trying to get visitors and trying to LOOK GOOD - if your agenda is about "Being honest" well good for you, I hope that works out well for you.

If a person has a website that has nothing to do with me, and I want to leave a quality comment, I am going to stretch the truth and act like I relate to the somehow. Whether its about hunting, cooking, having a pet cat, testosterone levels, I will find a way to include in the comment that I was searching on google for this information and that the person who wrote the article happened to give me just what I was searching for. For a website doing a review on Testosterone pills for erection problems, for example, you would think that has nothing to do with me? I would leave a comment like:

My husband has been having trouble lately in the bedroom and I was searching on google for advice about this when I came upon your website. What a resource of information! I learned that Edamame has Soy and therefore decreases the amount of testosterone in the body, I didn't know this before coming to your site but I also learned that ( Whatever Product They Are Recommending ) would probably be the best choice for my husband because its made with vegan ingredients. I am so thrilled that I found your site and I bookmarked it for later reference, thank you!

When I leave a comment like this, you can best believe the person is THRILLED that I went out of my way to leave a long thoughtful comment like this. They know and I know that I didn't go looking on google for this, obviously because the comment is coming from SiteComments, but it never gets disapproved! Nothing in this comment is true but who cares? It helps our fellow WA member and that is why we really are here, to help each other, not to be girl scouts.

So don't act like if you had a comment that made your content look lame you would approve it to be a "good sport" lol

Maybe you will keep it because you want a higher word count but thats really going to work well when real human beings come to your site and see the cheap comments instead of real ones.

I am looking out for the best interests of my site, not your approval rating. Sorry.


Look -

I am a "certified commenter" - so I leave lots and lots of comments on peoples sites. I make sure that when I leave a comment I RELATE to the content, I make the reader look good by pretending whatever they are talking about is something I was actually searching for on the internet. I don't care if its true or not if I really have dog who needs special training ( I don't ) but for the sake of the person who has a dog training website, you betcha I will BS and say I do - because I want to leave a *quality comment*

I have had to disprove several comments for my baby sleep niche site, simply because people were foolish and said something like, "I don't have a toddler, but if I had children this would sure be useful to me" or "My kid isn't a toddler anymore, but I sure could have used this information when she was!"

Why would you say this? Why would you make it clear that you are just passing by simply to leave a comment? Do you know that the average reader who comes to my site is looking for help and information on how to get either their baby or their toddler to sleep. When they read my articles and scroll down to the comments, they are hoping to read the comments of other PARENTS who are in similar situations. This way they can feel better about the validity of this site they are reading. It proves that other parents came looking for this information and found it helpful.

If there are a bunches of DUMMIES leaving comments such as "GREAT CONTENT! THIS WAS A GREAT READ - I WILL PASS IT TO MY FRIEND WHO HAS A BABY" I mean why? Why can't you just for the sake of leaving a quality comment LIE and pretend you have a kid?

Why not ask a question about the content and avoid talking about having a kid if you are so against "lying" for the sake of leaving a comment. I mean, just so you know, NO ONE is going to click your gravatar and look you up as a person and investigate your life online to see if you really have little kids or not. NO ONE is that invested in finding the truth. BUT they will see your comment with your little gravatar picture stating you have a toddler and WOW did this information help you realize that you have to let your toddler cry a little bit when you put them down, etc etc.... I mean ENGAGE and RELATE.... MAKE ME LOOK GOOD

I am sick and tired of having to disprove comments and go on to explain to the person again what I just said here above. I mean I litterally have to repeat myself to some people who just keep leaving the same lame ass comments that do not help me or make my content look good in any way. I don't care if you need comments or trying to get .50 cents here and there

So to prevent this, have common sense and leave better comments. IF you can't relate or can't leave a comment they simply click "I am NOT interested" you are not OBLIGATED to leave comments on anyones site.

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Shannonkamal Premium
That’s why the option to not approve is there so it is your choice.

A lot of times you can use those comments and bring value with a reply that shows your skills as a caring parent which your readers will appreciate.

And now when your readers view the comments they see you shining through

For instance “ my child is no longer a toddler and wish I had this info when she was”

That’s a great door to walk through to add more valuable content and shows you engaging your visitors.

Replying with thank you for finding the info useful! Do you care to share your journey In getting her through the toddler years? And of course as it relates to the subject you would construct your reply.

Keep in mind that organic comments will have some of the same “bad” replies and disapproving them doesn’t give them a bad rating, but you’ll be viewed as the site who doesn’t approve comments. And you’re within your rights to even relay to the commenter what your mission is with your site further showing seriousness to valid visits.

So try and use every chance you get to build your authority in every aspect of dealing with the WORLD WIDE WEB.

However i understand that some comments just need to be disapproved..

I’m just the type to use everything for my benefit.

Thanks for sharing this, and keep creating

Shannon kamal
newmarketpro Premium
This is well said Shannon Kamal.
I believe the approach you explained is more powerful and look more professional in the eyes of your readers. You can leverage any comment on your site, good or bad, to something positive.
And Google wouldn't know if a comment is good or bad. It is a bot. What is more important is whether there is interaction and engagement on the site.
Thanks for sharing your thought.

Shannonkamal Premium
Thank you! That’s my point exactly we should treat everyone with value and use it to our advantage because our audience need that from us.

The WA rating percentages doesn’t hold much weight to the outside world where there WILL be what we view as bad comments
SophiaMia Premium
Why would I approve a comment from someone who makes it obvious that they were only obligated to read and leave a comment?

I mean I guess you aren't thinking about things from the way I am. But if I went to a website, and I saw a comment from someone that said "Gee - I really don't need this information, but it sure will be helpful to someone that COULD use it! You are a really great writer and I appreciate you wrote this for whoever could use it"

LOL that is what it sounds like when people leave comments that do not relate to the content. I am sorry I want quality and I don't want it to look obvious that I had to trade comments with people.

You are just the type to keep all comments whether they are useful to your content or not, just because they add "word count" - I get it, I get it. But when someone who comes to your site looks and skims your comments and notices something fishy, how they really all don't seem like they were thrilled about reading your stuff, more l like they just HAD TO leave a trace of themselves behind, how is that going to work for you?
SophiaMia Premium
I am not concerned about whether or not google knows if the comment is from someone who really meant to leave it or not. I am talking about REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS who come to my site from google, and they read the comment section and find a bunch of comments that are on the boarder of looking like spam ( I am sorry, but when I disapprove these lame ass comments, to me they look like SPAM ) they are going to wonder to themselves where did all these weird comments come from, where are the people who really found value in this article? They want to find people to relate to, and if they find cheap comments, they are going to turn their nose up and look somewhere else for more value and sincerity.
Shannonkamal Premium
Well again I am not sure you read what i replied. yes some comments you can disapprove because you have that choice as an authority over your site.

However you can leverage bad comments to your advantage.

And no that doesn’t mean I allow every comment on my site. It means I know how to control my audience

I was just trying to help you with a reply if your feelings are that hurt maybe you should try a world where everything goes your way!

Until then best of luck!
Shannonkamal Premium
But now you’re talking about spam! When you mentioned before someone saying it was useful info that they wished they had when their child was younger. Which isn’t spam at all. That’s an opportunity for you to further engage your visitor..
SophiaMia Premium
Hmm. You are not -computing- what I am trying to convey here.

How can I explain this in a way that a 5th grader would understand?

Like this:

Let's just say that I have a blog about Growing Tomatoes. I put a lot of effort into writing content suitable for the cultivation of tomato plants. I put my Tomato Blog in line here to get a good quality comment.

Then I get comments like, "I really don't like tomato's but if I was going to grow lettuce I would sure come to your site to find out more information"


"I like reading books about gardens although I don't have one. Nice pictures"

But you see, I am sincerely hoping that a nice man or woman will leave a comment like, "I was looking on google trying to find a way to grow tomato plants and I found your site, I really appreciate how you taught me ( whatever they learned ) "

That's all, nothing more complicated than that.

I hope you can grasp what I am trying to get at here. I mean, this shouldn't be too complicated.
Shannonkamal Premium
and that’s where you are missing the whole point of engagement! If someone likes to read about gardens but doesn’t have one this is where you insert your expertise to maybe I don’t know gain a customer.. which may not be the one commenting but the one who may be reading.. and if you think organic comments won’t be off the wall you’re sadly mistaken!

Happens all the time!

Yes the comments that don’t relay to your niche hold no value in which you should get rid of..

The issue is you don’t know how to leverage so you throw a hissyfit like a 5th grader

Now did I compute that well enough for you or are you still whining about not being able to turn a negative around
SophiaMia Premium
🤦 I'm sorry, but you clearly don't understand what I am saying. It might be a little too over your head.

It's okay though, nevermind. I am glad I was able to get this point across to *some individuals* who I guess aren't so.... dense?

But you have a great day 👋
CheDau Premium
I always believe that honestly is the best policy. I wouldn't say something that is not true even in a virtual context.

But you are right about "quality comment*.
Comments should be highly related and useful.
Better not leave a comment if it is out your interest.

But you know what? Outside the WA community, I've seen some harsh comments to WA members websites. They approved them anyway - and make a trends of comments. Google loves these trends lol.

Comments are not always favorable - especially if the niche is about "making money online". (I've experienced that)

Chill out. Relax.

Best regards,
SophiaMia Premium
Your comment started off so thoughtful and sincere, but then I found it strange that you had to end the comment with a passive aggresive "chill out. relax" note, as if you were really meaning to be condescending.

Nice try.
Have a great day.
CheDau Premium
Im sorry if you felt that way. It wasnt my intention.

Have a great day to you too.

Wishing you all the best and the great things you desverve.

God bless,
Che 👼
newmarketpro Premium
Unfortunately, I don't agree with you on giving comment even if you have to LIE. If the post is something I truly don't have knowledge of, then I'll make a pass. Or if I still need to get the credit, I would go read some articles about the topic and add value to it and as a reward I'll get the credit. But I won't LIE - it's hazardous :).
All the best to you.

SophiaMia Premium
Well look - for the sake of leaving a good comment. If I was on your site about vegan cooking, and you know I normally eat meat, but I would say something like "Yes! I was searching on google for vegan recipes and I found your site" the truth is that I really wasn't searching on google for this info, but you can damn well bet the person who I left this for is thrilled that I said that! The fact that someone left a comment saying "I was searching google for your info and I found it thank you so much" is soooo helpful and I leave comments like this all the time - no one has a problem with it.

I have a 100% approval rating and 91 comments left so far, I don't have a problem with stretching the truth for the sake of leaving a comment that helps the other person out.

Its okay to stretch the truth a little in this industry, its internet marketing - we aren't in the girl scouts for crying out loud.
firstlearn Premium
Who has thrown teddy out the pram then!

SophiaMia Premium
Sorry Mr. Older Gentlemen, but that idiom is way before my time.

Like from the dinosaur ages
firstlearn Premium
Even I am not that old Sophia.

Shannonkamal Premium
Of course you aren’t! This is a case of the entitled generation!

They have no resolve
SophiaMia Premium
That comment had nothing to do with you but looks like you took it a little personal. You might want to go try punching a pillow or something 😂
mick1976 Premium
You sound bitter. Don't be! Some people mean well.
SophiaMia Premium
I am not bitter, I am fed up with people leaving lame comments.