Swag Month 2

Last Update: March 21, 2018

Hello Everyone!

I am a little behind on my weekly posts so here goes. I have found that I have a little adjusting to get through with the new way Kyle is having us do our posts. It has taken me longer to get everything set up. However, I believe that now I should be able to bang out my article quickly.

I have been dealing with errors on my website ever since I changed the theme, I have structured data authorship, datepublished, headline, and publisher and I don’t know what to do about it. I submitted feedback in Google, but I have not received a response. If anyone has any tips, I am open to them.

I have a lot more comments on my site now, I have updated to SSL, and I still must figure out how to make a banner in Canva. I have saved a tutorial about that.

Well, that is my update for now. I would really love to fix the structured data errors they are really bothering me. I have wasted a lot of time on it.

I need to spend more time in live chat, that is where I am lacking. I still have more time, thankfully.

Best wishes to you all!


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BillandSue Premium
Hi Shwana,
Thanks for sharing your progress. I couldn't figure out how to get the keyword list from Jaaxy to Site content as the export feature didn't want to work so I just keep a written list. But the thought and organization feature will really help. Have a great week (of what's left of it).

ElaineSmith1 Premium
When you set goals just make sure you schedule in break times. That is something many people forget, including me. Like today for example I scheduled myself all this work to get done but I forgot I had a doctor's appointment which will take half the day. So I will only be able to do half of the work I planned on. I won't be upset with myself because I'm doing my best though.

Tried and true

sns1977 Premium
When working I try to leave the computer at least once every 2 hours for my eyes to get a break.
Memorylaneuk Premium
I cannot help with your technical issues ( still totally non tech savvy ) but I understand how the new way of working has slowed you down, I have also had this issue but developing new habits can take more time to start with. I’m about to embark on a writing spree today.
Good luck and all we can do is our best.
With Grace and Gratitude
sns1977 Premium
Good luck on your writing spree Karen!
buffetearns Premium
Very good, more than some of us!

sns1977 Premium
HennieSteyl Premium
Hi, Shwana. You are doing well. Just keep on working at a set pace and you will get it all done. I have found that setting daily goals helped me a lot. I have created some training on setting goals if you want to have a look. All the best.
sns1977 Premium
Thank you I will take a look.