How To Proofread Your Own Work

Last Update: August 05, 2019

We have all opened that article excited to finally get the answers we are looking for just to be slapped in the face by glaring mistakes. I am not talking about the misplacing of commas or a couple of errors.

No, I am talking about the posts that are painful to read. It is evident that the writer did not take the time to proofread their work. I do not know about you, but I close that website immediately.

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading is reading text making a note of mistakes and correcting them. These mistakes can range from spelling, punctuation to sentence structure, and word choice.

Proofreading can be done by another individual or by the author. It only takes a few minutes and can make a world of difference.

The Importance of Proofreading

Bounce rate is the number one reason to proofread. A reader will bounce if they are not engaging in what they are reading. It is nearly impossible to engage in writing that is full of spelling and grammatical errors.

The problem with not doing a simple proofread is that all trust is lost. A reader naturally assumes that a scammer writes a website that is full of errors. A possible conversion will be scared that they will get a virus if they open a link. A person will not enter their information on the website because they do not their identity stolen. If the author of a blog wants to sell something, they must first take five minutes and reread what they have written.

Tips on How To Proofread Your Own Work

The first thing is to use a grammar checker. Now, WA does have one built into their content editor that can be used. This grammar check does a decent job and catches several errors.

However, if you are like me then you might want something with more of a kick. My first draft of any article, including this one, looks like a second-grader wrote it. The amount of help I need is massive. That is why I use Grammarly premium to write my articles. Now, Grammarly has a free version which I am sure would help most people. For me, I need all the help I can get.

No matter which way you go, you should be using a grammar checker, period.

Second proofreading tip, take a second (or a few minutes) and read your article out loud. The key is out loud. By incorporating more than one sense, you will be able to catch errors that you would otherwise miss.

Go slow when you are proofreading. Your brain can autocorrect some errors, such as putting in a missing 'a' or 'the.' When I read out loud, I sound like a child just learning to read. And if it kicks my writing up a notch, I am ok with that. So, do not be embarrassed, do what you have to do to show your readers you care.

The third tip is proofread it again. Yes again! I usually do this when I post it to my website, and I am in Wordpress adding images, formatting, and linking. I take the time to reread the post. A lot of times I catch mistakes I missed the first two times.

The last thing I do before I decide that a post is done, I get someone else to read it. Often, it is

my husband, but I have recruited friends and other members for this task. Sometimes, others can see what you can not. It is also a great way to get feedback on the article before you start driving traffic to it.

Now, at this time, I will consider the post done. Now I know that sounds like a lot of work, but it really is only an extra ten minutes. And if that ten minutes will keep my readers on my blog for an additional ten minutes, then it was worth it.

Now You Know

Lets recap. Proofreading is just reading the article while looking for mistakes. It is crucial because it will make the readers stay on the blog. Proofreading also helps to install trust.

The first thing any post should go through is a grammar checker. Then you should slowly read your article out loud. Then read it again. Lastly, find someone to read the article and provide you feedback.

Doing these steps will give your readers a better experience. They will be more likely to return to your blog. Even more important, they will trust you more, and through that trust, you will build a readership. Readership turns into conversions.

It all starts with content. Take the time to invest in your content.

Until next time, be the light in the world.

~ Dovey

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Mick18 Premium
Excellent advice thanks for sharing.
KC1953 Premium
Great article. Grammarly is a great tool. Also proofreading at least three times is a good idea too. It is amazing how the brain auto corrects like you mentioned. lol
snoozymom Premium
Thank you. I did not believe it when I learned that the brain auto corrects. Then I started to experiment with it and became amazed.
SondraM Premium
Thank you for sharing these tips that should assist us with proofreading our own work. I have room for a lot of improvement in this area.
snoozymom Premium
It can be a challenge. Sometimes I get tired of reading what I wrote, but I know it will make a difference in the end. I am happy if you found something useful in my writing. That is always my goal.

Thank for taking the time to read the post. I hope that you have a lot of success.
cramervod Premium
Really, like a second-grader? Khat :-)
snoozymom Premium
Yes, really. And I do not mean an honor student, but a struggling second grader :-)