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Last Update: Dec 31, 2018

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On the eve of the arrival of 2019, many take this time to reflect on what has happened in the past year, as well as what changes to make in the next.

For me, 2018 brought with it both good and bad things.

Good: I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor

Bad: Health setbacks due to Nerlynx medication

Good: Paid off two credit cards, as well as one car loan

Good: Was able to afford a new Snow Blower as well as the lawn tractor hubby wanted

Good: Cleared out the closet of old clothes that are worn or just don't fit anymore

Good: Improved diet, and portion control for weight loss, as well as physical and mental healing from Cancer treatment

Looking forward to 2019, better health and weight loss are some of the most common new year's resolutions, but few actually stick with them beyond the first few months.

I personally have never been one to make resolutions, per se. For years, I tended to just "go with the flow", but battling the life threatening illness that is cancer, caused me to change my focus.

In 2019, I will not be setting resolutions for myself, but instead, I will be doing the following:

- Focusing on things that allow me to spend more time with those who matter most, my husband and family.

- Clearing my home of clutter. This has always been a constant struggle of mine. Getting sucked into "fast cash" projects instead of residual income. Need to focus on projects that allow me to work smarter, not harder.

- Continue to make progress on paying off our debt

- Maintaining healthy nutrition, including weight loss, physical and mental healing, and improving my energy while helping others to do the same

- Build out successful residual income streams, one at a time, while avoiding shiny object syndrome.

Over the past few weeks, I actually took a hiatus from all my business related endeavors as a means to give myself a break both physically and mentally, so I could better re-focus on the things that are truly important. That break, allowed me to visualize what I want out of 2019, with the most important part being to work smarter and not harder.

Now that you know my goals, what are yours for the incoming 2019 year?

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Recent Comments


Thanks for sharing your goals with us! You are right to prompt us to keep them in mind,

I've posted my goals on my blog already, stop by and have a look if you are interested!


Sounds good!

Here's to the both of us achieving all we dream of and more this year!



Wishing you a very Happy New Year as well!

Like you, I don't do the New Year Resolutions. I set goals at any time of the year when I need to and never wait until the first of the year or any other time in the future to reckon what needs to be done now.

This was not a good year for me but as with any year, it wasn't all bad.

I have made improvements in areas that I can't discuss on here but I lived an entire year now in far, far better living conditions. It is about the best I have ever had.

The worst was just within the last two weeks when I said something my older sister didn't like and, not only is she actively trying to get my Facebook account shut down, but has turned very close to the entire family against me and disowned me. This has been tearing me apart but I will get through it. I have had some really tough times this year but I have managed to get through it all.

I won't be staying up for the New Year thing in New York. Tomorrow is the same as today as yesterday. Each day, try to do just a little bit better, make a little more progress, be a better person.

I digressed this year. Hope it is a better one tomorrow!

We all have struggles, and most times it's only the "good" that people talk about. All any of us can do is take things just one day at a time. I took a break from everything in the past few weeks, partially because I lost focus, and felt overwhelmed. Looking back on 2018, I was somewhat surprised to see there was more good than bad. The two and half months of the bad, seemed to cloud everything else as it took me so very long to come back from.

Every day will not be perfect, but all we can do is the best we can be. Just keep plugging along. Happy New Year to you!

Re focusing and prioritizing the things that are most important to you after such a roller coaster of a year must feel great, and will motivate you to achieve those goals. I wish you the very best in you endeavour to attain the balance you want in life. Cass:)

It's been a rough few years. Planning on 2019 being the year things finally click and success is found. :-)

You have great goals, and I am guessing that you will meet them.

My main goal is to keep investigating ways to get more traffic to my site.

That's a great goal!

They sound like great goals Jennifer. All the best to you!

Thanks! To you as well!

Hi Jennifer!

It sounds like success to me! You've done well!

My goal is to stick to it, see progress until there is a self-sustaining success!

2019 looks bright from here!

All the best,


Sticking to things has always been a struggle, no matter how hard I try, I get sucked into other "projects" spreading myself too thin. My husband has been on vacation for the last week and a half, and it's so nice having him home, which is one of the reminders of why I'm trying to do what I do, so he can finally say goodbye to the job, and we can spend more time enjoying life.

I believe you are heading in the right direction and the extra time you seek with your husband is in the cards!

You got this!

All the best,


Congratulations on so many “goods”, especially the breast cancer survivor.


Happy 2019 Jennifer!
Let me start by saying... I'm so very happy you beat the cancer back! I'm sorry the medication you're on is kicking you in the pants, but it doesn't seem to stop you!

Re: Clutter... as of right now, I'm cleaning my office! LOL
I agree wholeheartedly...clean out the garbage, and build!!

:) Hugs

Luckily the medication I was on was short term, quality of life outweighed the nominal benefits, so we discontinued it. I recently upgraded to an iPad Pro with a keyboard, that has made some tasks quicker and easier, so I finally feel like I'm making progress. Onto bigger and better things in 2019!

Thank you for sharing, I laid all my
goals out in my blog post yesterday
for everyone making myself accountable
to complete each task daily with WA.
Happy New Year to a healthy and prosperous 2019,

Sounds great! Onto great things in 2019!

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