Daily Facts - Day #70: Billion dollar niches - The $5 billion food allergy niche

Last Update: January 02, 2019

Here's another sad fact: there are tens of millions of people sick to the stomach ... for a solution ... all over the world ...

Yep ... The food allergy niche is another area where we are talking about actual needs ...

Not desires or wishes ... NEEDS!

Here are some numbers provided by FoodTechConnect ...

  • the food allergy market size is around $5 billion
  • the gluten-free products market is projected to grow at a CAGR of at least 10% every year
  • snacks and granola bars are the leading category at 15% of mass-market
  • 18% of adults are buying or consuming foods products tagged as gluten-free
  • 68% shop at three or more stores per month to find gluten-free foods
  • 55% spend 30% or more on their grocery budget for gluten-free foods
  • 56% of consumers prefer to buy gluten-free foods at natural food stores
  • 1 in 4 of survey respondents ages 18-24 eat gluten-free foods -27% eat gluten-free foods to help them in their weight-loss efforts
  • 59% of women agree gluten-free products are worth the extra cost

The Google Trends charts are showing a steady demand and a widespread regional interest for the past 12 months:

Mr. Jaaxy gave me 5,359 AVG monthly searches for "food allergy" and 11,048 searches for "gluten free" ...

Is not a "deep" niche with a lot of micro-niches involved, but there are many leverageable avenues: gluten-free diets, gluten-free recipes, gluten-free products, gluten-free desserts, gluten-free ingredients, food allergy test kits, food allergy courses, food allergies for pets (!), food allergy syndrome, baby food allergy, seafood allergy, food allergy treatments, gluten free grains, gluten free meals, gluteen free cookbooks, keto gift boxes, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, gluten-free homemade foods, gluten-free cooking etc.

And no wonder, I found 30,000 gluten-related items only on Amazon. And another 8,000 for food allergy ...

My conclusion

An evergreen and profitable niche with a 10% average yearly growth rate.

Which means a lot of possibilities for affiliate marketers ...

Your thoughts?

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waawaawaa4 Premium
Happy New Year! Thank you for another informative post! Your posts highlight great niche ideas!
smartketeer Premium
Happy New Year Cathy!

Tahnks for the time and the feedback!
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Zed, thanks for another great post. The amount of research you put into your blog posts shows. All the best to you.
smartketeer Premium
Thanks for the feedback Donnie!
deelilah Premium
And there is so much more than gluten under scrutiny. Makes me wish I was a manufacturer with an eye for marketing. Catch 22-- Chances are, they're the problem. Why all the allergies and food sensitivities?
smartketeer Premium
Thanks for stepping by Donna!

You're right! It's a whole array of problems within this topic ...
FKelso Premium
Oh, yes -- another good one. So many niches, so little time.
smartketeer Premium
Oh, yes ... Soooooooooo little time :(
alexander11 Premium
I have an allergy against wheat and gluten. Although when I had a blood test done, yeast was showing the greatest intolerance. I try my best to reduce it as much as possible. So this is a very interesting, powerful niche and definitely something to look into.
smartketeer Premium
Thanks for the time and the feedback Alex!