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Last Update: September 05, 2013

So, as most of you know, my website was seen by a college professor. He liked it so much that he chose to give it as an assignment to his class. Well the papers were turned in on Tuesday and he put together some of the best responses he got. (A lot of the same things he said, were said by other students as well)

1st, if you have not read that post, here it is.,


Now, without any further ado, here are the comments from the class.

Excerpts from Student's Evaluation of Wealth Mindset Builder Website – Josh Reynolds:

Many of my students simply repeated the same things, so I'll just give you bits of the responses I thought were the most insightful:

Student: Inna

Looking through this website made me realize that there are those websites that can help you understand a bit more about business, using and spending money, and how to be successful in business, and this website is one of those. Wealth Mindset Builder tries to help everyone who views it, to achieve their goals.
Wealthy Mindset Builder teaches things or concepts in five minutes, that schools take years to teach. It makes it simply to understand. If you want to be wealthy, you have to set your mind to it. In other words, you first have to learn how to think about money before you wonder how to become wealthy.

Student: Derriel

From looking at the Wealthy Mindset Builder website, I see that it is very beneficial to those who are clueless when it comes to spending and saving their money. The website is beneficial because it has tabs with tutorials and instructions on how to become wealthy and stay wealthy. I feel that the most beneficial assets that this website has is its way of showing people how to become wealthy, how to save money, and how to make their businesses successful. With these three things, I feel that the website makes good use of its slogan, “changing how you think about money.”

Student: Derek (Derek is one of my more passionate students)

I was absolutely amazed with wealthmindsetbuilder.com. When I first read the email I wasn’t too excited about reviewing a business website. But when I clicked on the hyperlink and it loaded the visual aesthetics were very pleasing. It was clean and crisp. The simplicity of the sight was mesmerizing. A person could find what they want to know in only a few clicks and without a long tutorial of how to maneuver through the site, like most business pages.
If you want to learn about business this is definitely the proper website to seek. I may have only given you a synopsis of the first tab, but the entire page gives out a wealth of information. It can teach you how to start your own business and how to become wealthy in only a few pages. How Josh Reynold has acquired this wealth of information on wealth is absolutely astonishing. He is an incredible man. (http://wealthmindsetbuilder.com/)
After reading only the first tab, I had a much more knowledgeable approach to money. I have been through all the Dave Ramsey courses and thought I knew what I was doing and how to save money and where to spend it, but I had missed a huge part. Dave Ramsey always said that if you clinched your fist around your money and didn’t spend it, it would do you no good. But not until reading this page did I understand what he really meant. Knowing that you have to spend your money in the right light in order to always have money has changed my entire view. I now want to purchase something that is going to pay for itself and continue to make me money even after it is paid off. I thought a great place to start would be somewhere small. You don’t have to open a business as your first investment: it crossed my mind to buy a vending machine. One vending machine might not make you rich overnight, but it would pay itself off in due time, and continue to make you money.
I thought this assignment was going to be a huge let down, but it has taught me a lot.

Student: Brittany

One thing I read about was to “Think Big”. I agree that everyone thinks less of themselves and that they will never reach their dream. I always dreamed of living in a log cabin in the middle of the country, but after seeing some of the prices of houses, I thought to myself “who am I kidding, I will never be able to afford something like that.” I learned that if I manage my money well and my time, anything can happen. Overall, I now will see that I can achieve anything if I do the right things.
Overall, Josh Reynolds has helped me realize the small things that could help so much. Not only am I going to start going and doing a few more things, but start enjoying them more. I save all my money all the time to the point that I feel like I do nothing impressive for myself, but I also have nothing to show for all the time I spend working. After working 30-40 hours a week and trying to go to school full time, I feel like I have no time for anything. In all reality, I could do so much more to improve my spendings and time. The only thing I could say to Josh after reading his website is how much he made a change in my eyes and that I love him!!!

Student: Trey

After looking through Josh Reynold's work on his website, I saw that many of the things he says are things that are fairly easy to plan and set into action. I am really amazed that most people don't do the types of things that he outlines. The main ideas that I took away from his website were that owning a business can give you tax deductions, as a kid we are taught to earn our money with the time that we put into a job rather than passively with an investment, and that taxes create a very highly increasing marginal opportunity cost for the amount of time you put into an hourly wage job compared to the money that you get in return.
Also, it has been made apparent to me that as a kid, we are taught that everyone goes to school and then usually goes to college to get a degree to land a high paying job. Josh Reynold shows that the problem with this is that you only ever get out of the job what you put into it. You are trading your time for money. This is not the way that people should do things, because you will typically always have a high opportunity cost for not working, which would be the money that you could have made. If you are using the money that you make to work for you and make you more money, then the opportunity cost becomes less for you not going to work.
I think Josh Reynold's ideas are pretty interesting. I think that if someone takes his advice and applies it to their everyday life, that can be rich and successful without having to work a super hard job, or own multiple franchise restaurants. He says that wealth is really a mindset, and I believe that, too. Money is just a tool, and what we do with it defines what we get out of it.

Student: Katie

This website is full of interesting information. The website offers a lot of information without going into too much detail about each and every topic. It is not for the faint hearted to take a leap of faith try to make money instead of earning it. Earning your money is as easy as getting a job, which seems much more difficult these days. Making money seems like the unachievable and unattainable goal for many of us living paycheck to paycheck. Reynolds offers a lot of information and tips on how to approach your money that can set you on the right track to making money. Overall, this website is an excellent place to start if you want to start making money. It offers a wonderful new view of how to think of money. It can help you determine where you are and point you into a direction that you want to be in. The website is easy to navigate and there a many articles that are easy to read and understand. This essay only contains a small portion of what is available at WealthMindsetBuilder.com. There is still a wealth of information that was not covered. If you are interested at all about learning how to make more money, this is the place to start.

Student: Brian

While surfing through his website, I now have the resources on how to make myself wealthy.

Student: Alyssa

Personally, I would highly recommend for you to check out this website. Not only is there ways to make you rich, but an article on the people you choose to be around are let others know the kind of person you are. I have enjoyed looking through these articles and learning from this website that has taught me what school cannot. So ask yourself, what kind of person do you want to be? Rich, middle class, or poor, it is your decision to choose.

Student: Lilly

Overall this was a very interesting website and there is definitely something to learn from. I will try to find people that spend their money wisely and try to hang out with them and see if this author is correct or not. But I in the back of my head am sure that he is one hundred percent correct. I also learned that I could put small things like from a small business or some big purchase onto my taxes and this I was never aware of. I really liked the way this author has an opinion about everything he sets his mind to but there is some things that I wouldn’t really agree to like it kind of sound a bit bias but every person is so that’s fine I guess. In an good way I actually saw a piece of me in this author. I have enjoyed reading and analyzing this website which actually opened my eyes to some things that I was not aware of and this website let me know that I am was very naïve to money but not I will try to track where my money goes to. Thank you for bringing this website to my attention.

Student: Nelson

(he is a non-traditional student, a bit older, and was born and raised in Africa. He is one of my favorite students)
Working in my family remains a die-hard tradition, and it has rolled down the family tree since time immemorial. The slogan in my family is, “You get good education, you rightfully get a good job, and you lead a better life.” Those are the qualities to achieve in my family to be considered successful. Nobody ever ventured into business, but I am ready to break that cycle.
My work mentality has, however, changed since I viewed a video in my Introduction to Business class. The video was documented by Reynold, which was on his Web site, Wealth Mindset Builder. Due to the interest I developed from his video, I took an extra step and read his Internet article, which contained helpful tips on how to open up a business and become an entrepreneur. If I may flashback to my business class’s textbook, a business is defined, “Individuals or organizations who try to earn a profit by providing products that satisfy people’s needs (Ferrell, Hirt, and Ferrell 4).

What can I say to this? There really is nothing expect I told the professor thank you more then once.

People say that to really love what you do, it should be something that you would do for free. Well at this point I am doing this for free. I haven't made any money off of my site but this tops ALL of that. No amount of money could compare to the feeling I have right now.

If you guys want to know the truth as well, yes, I have only been in WA for 2 1/2 months. Building this website since Mid-July. But in reality it has been 2 years really since I got on this path and working to help other people with what I knew. (Searching for my answers even longer then that, the 2 years has been just since I found my answers) Helping people with what I have known, this is 2 years worth of work coming together right now.

Never give up on your dreams. We are all going towards the "old" time. 60,70,80,90 years old. I don't want to look back and say, "I wish." Regardless if I even succeed, I will have enough information that the next generation should succeed. But don't look back and see all the time you wasted. Look back and see how much you learned.

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