My Greastest Achievement Thus Far

Last Update: September 05, 2013

Well just like the title says, what I am about to share with you is my greatest achievement in my journey since I have started. No it's not about money, but to me is goes so far beyond that and just has me speechless with how I am feeling about this.

So, you want to know the story now? Ok, I'll let you in on what has happened.

How to spend money

As you all have known from before, my Spending Money article has been my key article for now. It has the highest number of views and CTR, has been on the front page of SA and ranks very well in Google and Bing. So, someone that is apart of SA read it and then some of my other content.

They teach college and made mention that they might use it as part of their class because they felt it was so well laid out and just step by step to the point. I shared with him my site so that he could get more as well.

Having it in college

So I talked to him the other day and he told me that today he would have an assignment from my site. He sent me an email this morning stating that he had the class watch my video on "How to spend money," and that they are to review my site and write a report on what they learned and what I have shared that has opened up different ways of thinking for them on business and Entrepreneurship.

Oh, and the report has to be at least 1000 words in length.


This is absolutely amazing to me.

Now to share some of my struggles that I have had to overcome. I think like a business owner. And as most of you know that has read my material both on here and other sources know the difference between the employee, self-employed, and the business owner. A lot of the people I am around are just employees, I struggle to teach and help people that are in the immediate vicinity around me.

I have found my outlet. I am helping people now. I am finally doing what I have struggled to do for the past year and a half now. I am helping people and changing lives.

Final Thoughts

Everything I do with this, I want to do the best. I want to be just that much different that I make it easier to understand, or my writing that flows easy and it is engaging right to the very last period.

Shooting for greatness and achieving greatness are to different things. This is the most amazing feeling I have. I just can't stop smiling when I think about that. I have to laugh because it is so wonderful. It propels me to do even better things. To keep the quality up there.

As I was writing that last paragraph I was inspired to share this video with you. The video speaks for itself and is what life is really about. It is from Zig Zigglar and just wonderful. So go check it out, then don't forget to come back here and comment if you so please.

Thank you!

If you would like to see the video that he shared to the class as well, here is the link to that one. For those of you who haven't seen it.

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choppydo Premium
That's awesome man! Some amazing results you`re getting, and not at all what you were expecting going into this lol.
skyhorse Premium
I know right!!!
OldCodger Premium
Good on you, skyhorse!
Your success is well deserved - because you put so much in.
Sadly, the video died half way through, but even the first few minutes were great and gave the gist of the talk. What a presenter!
Back in 1996, friends and I were on an expedition/adventure in Western Australia, following the legendary Canning Stock Route. Through the Great Sandy Desert, Gibson Desert and past Lake Disappointment. Water from the wells that were still operational was the coolest and sweetest we ever tasted!

Time to prime that pump! A great post - congratulations! :) george
skyhorse Premium
Thank you so much!
JJCarter1 Premium
Prime the pump! Great article and Zig Zigler video. Definitely an inspiring take on never giving up. A great lesson for everyone. Thanks for sharing.
skyhorse Premium
Yep yep!
Ziphead Premium
Fantastic achievement and I bet that feeling you have is better than any amount of money. Satisfaction comes in many forms. I Love the vid too. Thanks. Ian
skyhorse Premium
Yep, the money comes and goes. And yeah, I will be happy about that when it is its time. But knowing this is just fantastic!!! If you would like to see the video that he showed to the class, here is a link.
Lee Gamelin Premium
Great accomplishment! Congratulations! Lee
skyhorse Premium
Thank you. It's truly wonderful!