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September 28, 2013
So obviously as you all know I'm into horses. Well the one area I don't have much experience is hauling and trailering horses. I by golly can train one very well, but haven't trailered them at all. Now they all have some experience (they had to get to my house) however they don't have any since they got here. Today though in about 30 minutes we are going to be loading them and hauling them to AZ. I am scared yes, and moving forward in spite of it. We have an experienced horse person that is tak
So, as most of you know, my website was seen by a college professor. He liked it so much that he chose to give it as an assignment to his class. Well the papers were turned in on Tuesday and he put together some of the best responses he got. (A lot of the same things he said, were said by other students as well) 1st, if you have not read that post, here it is., Now, without any further ado, here are the comments fro
September 05, 2013
So I wanted to share with all of you a story that I have. For those of you who know what Skyrim is, well, I wanted it. Now I am not one to go out and buy a game when it firsts comes out. I would rather just wait for a year until the price comes way way down. Now with that being said, there have been some very few times where I did want to buy a game when it first came out. Skyrim being one of those times. I could have bought it for the $60 that it costs, however I really didn't want to. This is
As most of you know, I am very success orientated. Success is different for each person, so I am not going to go to deep into that. However what I do want to share with you is what I have found, both threw study, and my own experience, what it takes to become successful. That can be applied to WA, your website, or anything in life you want to as well. Perseverance "Never give up, never surrender." From Galaxy Quest, Jason Nesmith. To be successful, you just need to keep moving forward. Sometime
September 01, 2013
So what is motivation? Something to say that you are wanting to do what it is that is in front of you? We all know it is something that comes and goes, and I think that is the most important thing to realize. You can be motivated, not motivated, and back to being motivated all again in the same day! How crazy is that! It's because motivation is usually caused by outside forces. It is the motivational speech that puts the fire in you again. It is the sayings that you read in the morning. Howeve
August 29, 2013
So, I am not into cosplay, but as some of you know I do like the show FaceOff. Well there is a new show Heros of Cosplay on right after FaceOff that I have been watching. I am going to start off by saying it is AWESOME to see what these people can create and come up with for one!!! Next, a lot of the conventions the top prize is only $1,000. I say only because that doesn't even come close to covering a lot of the costs you can incur on doing cosplay. And we are talking like the hard core ones,
August 28, 2013
So, for a while now, (ever since I posted my blog about me being "coachable" and Shields asked the question if I ever thought that the mentee become the mentor) I have wondered the same for here. I try to be active, and involved with the community. Create trainings that help others learn and better themselves. Help guide people to have a shorter time with the things that I had to go through learning. Which brings me to my question. Now everyone is going to have a different thing that they like
Well just like the title says, what I am about to share with you is my greatest achievement in my journey since I have started. No it's not about money, but to me is goes so far beyond that and just has me speechless with how I am feeling about this. So, you want to know the story now? Ok, I'll let you in on what has happened. How to spend money As you all have known from before, my Spending Money article has been my key article for now. It has the highest number of views and CTR, has been on
Ok, first off I want to start by sharing what I learned just last night. It does have to do with horses (and mules) but right after I learned the lesson for the mules, I thought it truly applied to IM as well and could not wait to share it here with everyone. Now this is my opinion and is a long term goal. Not everyone will want to reach at the same level of success and that is ok. So lets go get started and I will share with you my experience. We have a mule. Now for those of you who don't
Now, I am a very loving person and share emotion easily. So don't take this the wrong way when I say that in success and horse training there is no room for emotions. The people who can control their emotions are the ones who succeed more times then not. Horse training for me is very rewarding and therapeutic. On the other side however it can be one of the most frustrating things in the world, and you are going up against an animal that will win every single time if it gets to bad. However in h