How I Got Things For Free

Last Update: September 05, 2013

So I wanted to share with all of you a story that I have. For those of you who know what Skyrim is, well, I wanted it. Now I am not one to go out and buy a game when it firsts comes out. I would rather just wait for a year until the price comes way way down.

Now with that being said, there have been some very few times where I did want to buy a game when it first came out. Skyrim being one of those times. I could have bought it for the $60 that it costs, however I really didn't want to. This is what I did do.

I love Hastings as most of you know. Now Hastings has a buy back program. I have taken my old books, movies, cds, etc. there a lot of times and sold them back to them. So what I did was gather up all my books I didn't want and movies and took them to Hastings, I got a Hastings gift card (because you get more money if you take a gift card rather then cash) and I was able to buy my game and a movie my friend wanted.

It was over $80 I had in stuff I sold back. Now some of you might be saying, "All you did was sell some stuff and then buy what you wanted." And yes, that is what I did, however what I really did was find a different way to get what I wanted.

To expand your resources and your imagination with finances is what a financial education is about. And that is what the college professor shared with his class on my site. (I'll keep you updated on how they liked it)

Another story is that for the past 4 months I have been saving my change. I went to turn it into cash and had over $100. Well I bought a game, and a few chairs I had always wanted but kept putting off. So in a way I got them for "free" because I got the money from a different "source" then just working for the money.

Thinking like this is how you start to think outside the box. Thinking outside the box is how you get out of the rat race. All of us here are thinking outside the box even by being here and wanting to build an online business.

So yes, I did just take my money and have fun with it. But spending it to make yourself financially free is the next step. Taking the money and then putting it to use for you to make more money. For example if you would come up with the extra money, and then buy a vending machine. The vending machine gets used and you make money without "working" at a job.

Coming up with extra money is usually the first step to becoming financially free, and then what you do with that is the next step. Like I said, yes, I did spend it on just junk in the end. But for that instance I am ok with that because I am not doing that in other areas of my life.

So what do you think? Could you come up with a way to create extra money and then use that money to become financially free?

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jersigypci Premium
nice article I enjoyed this
skyhorse Premium
Really glad you did!!!
Shields Premium
Hey Skyhorse, now this is a well written article! And on top of that, you are entitled to have some things you like, you enjoy, you share with friends, etc. You don't have to be defensive because your topic is financial wisdom. What do you have to say about treats for the horses?
skyhorse Premium
And see, I want to talk about that more, because I learned a great savings technique. We all know we should save 10% of our incomes into an account that is purely for savings. (I got board just writing that) HOW boring sometimes though right? Where is the fun?

But then you have people who spend spend spend and they have all the fun, but no money down the road.

Solution? Simple. Do both!

A savings account for savings, and then a savings account where you save and treat yourself to nice things. A dinner out at a nice restaurant. A full spa treatment. Really make yourself feel good. So you are doing both, saving, and then saving to treat yourself.

Treats for the horses? They are good. I don't have any "treats" myself for them, but we give them sweet feed, apples, carrots. My horse named Sky loves McDonalds French fries. Go figure. But we save some for him every once in a while because he has really become the family horse.

And training with them is fine too. You just can't bribe your horse with the treat like so many people try to do.
wtbee2013 Premium
Thank you great job as always
skyhorse Premium
Thank you thank you!!!
Hudson Premium
Really great post, and a huge lesson, well done
skyhorse Premium
Thank you very much!!!
cm8719 Premium
Great story, thanks for sharing!
skyhorse Premium
You're welcome!!