2019 Progress Report

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my 2019 progress with anyone who cares to read it :)

2019 update

My website is now 25 months old and I have 244 posts published.

I would say I am in a competitive niche, but all niches are competitive. I am in the Health/Fitness niche just to narrow it down a bit.

Anyway, I saw some pretty solid improvement in 2019. My GA below show ONLY my organic sessions. This chart is actually from the inception of my website in late 2017. I wanted to show how far I have come, even though it has taken a very long time.

It's taken me a lot longer to get here than I had hoped or thought it would. I don't know if it's just me, my niche, or what but I want to let the new folks out there know that NOT QUITTING is half the battle. You have to stick with it and publish quality content on a consistent basis.

I have wanted to quit more times than I can count, but for some reason I didn't. Call it what you will, perserverance, stupidity, I don't know :) All I know is that for me, it's been a battle and one that I am not giving up on.

Here are my organic sessions by month for 2019.

I was so freaking excited the first time I hit 1k sessions for a month, now I hope to hit 10k soon.

How much money have I made?

Since you asked so nicely :)

I made about $2,500 in 2019, certainly not setting the world on fire, but a drastic increase over the $47 I made in 2018.

My income sources are ShareASale, Amazon, and Impact. Most of my $$ has come from ShareASale so far. I have found some affiliate programs that payout 10-15% which is nice.

So what's next?

I plan to continue publishing 3x per week. I strive for 1,000+ words on my posts. Sometimes it's a struggle to get there. Other times it's eazy peazy. I have found that rankings are not based on word count alone.

When I first started my website in 2017 "Best Of" posts were all the rage and I know they are working really well for some folks. I have had very little success with these types of posts and I gave up on them in 2018.

Recently I have been updating some of my early "best of" posts and my rankings are now improving. I have also defined my niche and audience better, so I think that will help.

Now that my website has some authority, I am going to give these "best of" posts another go.

I will continue to post informational and "how to" posts as well.

Also, my wife and I are starting a new project together this year so we will see how that goes. We will definitely use "best of" posts in this new niche project, I think it's set up well for that.

Wrapping things up

So, that's about it. It's been an awfully slow process, but some recent wins are keeping me going. I check my stats way too often, but that's how I roll.

I hope to see continued improvement in 2020. I feel like I have a much better idea what I am doing now with this whole affiliate marketing thing.

Honestly guys, it takes a while to learn how to write. I have always enjoyed writing, but once I started doing it a lot, my skills improved.

I wanted to be transparent here. I know there are a lot of people who seem to "get it" right away and have great success early on. I am not one of those people. But I plan to stick with it and persevere.

Work, my wife and two teenagers keep me busy as well, and I have to make time to work on my website. Thankfully my wife (and kids) are very supportive of my "hobby".

Okay, enough outta me. I hope you all enjoyed this post. Wishing everyone massive success in the year ahead.

See you around,


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I am really happy for you and thanks for the inspiring post.

I wish you all the very best and much success in 2020!

All the best for 10K sessions in a month. I wish you 25K sessions in a month so that if you are interested you can apply for Mediavine.

Mine is 1400 sessions in December. I am on MMO niche so need to focus and work hard.

GOD bless!

Thank you Paul, I appreciate it.

Wow Steve, I feel your story is very encouraging. My writing skills are taking me a while and like you, it's getting better.

You really have accomplished a lot. I'm afraid I'm one of those people who don't get it right away. I multi-task like crazy... so it takes me forever to get things done.

Thank you for being so transparent and I'm glad you're more determined than ever. You're making some money.... yea!!

I wish you much success in your online business this year. Happy New Year to you and your family.


Thank you Monica

“Helping others, teachers us as well. No one person knows everything but a team knows most things.” Tom Short.

“It's Not How Much Money You Make That Counts, It Is What You Do With It That Creates Value.” Tom Short.

“The way you think is of your choice and will make you master of a better future as you open your mind to a better way of life.” Tom Short.


Thanks Tom.

Congratulations Steve and thank you for sharing your success with us. For newbies like myself, your words are truly inspiring and motivating.

Best wishes for 2020 and beyond.

Glad to help. It's a process for sure. My goal is world domination. See you at the top.

Steve,Congratulations for a job well done. I Would say you are in the driver's seat. All the best on your 2020 Journey. Happy new year to you and family. Fitzgerald

Thank you very much.

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