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December 16, 2021
I started a new (seasonal) website in late August and it's starting to gain traction. This is very encouraging since it's currently the offseason. So far I have about 25 articles 90k+ words published. Can't wait to see how things look in 6 months. Little by little, one article at a time.Gotta keep grinding.Let's GO!!
January 01, 2020
Hey everyone,I just wanted to share my 2019 progress with anyone who cares to read it :)2019 updateMy website is now 25 months old and I have 244 posts published.I would say I am in a competitive niche, but all niches are competitive. I am in the Health/Fitness niche just to narrow it down a bit.Anyway, I saw some pretty solid improvement in 2019. My GA below show ONLY my organic sessions. This chart is actually from the inception of my website in late 2017. I wanted to show how far I have
It's true, I don't know anything about log splitters, but I just sold one. I am not in the "Log Splitting" niche, if that even exists. I am not a logger, and I don't live in the woods. I occassionally go camping, but that's the extent of my interaction with logs.The Amazon affiliate program is amazing and frustrating all at the same time. Yes, they carry everything under the sun, but they pay very low commissions on a lot of items. A lot of, maybe even most items sold on Amazon, have around
September 02, 2019
That's right, I hand wrote every single one of them just like the guy in the picture LOL. Okay, no I didn't. Anyway, I published post number 200 on my website this morning. While this is WAY behind where I probably should be, that is because I wanted to quit about 200 times along the way. So that works out to one post for every time I wanted to quit.All kidding aside, this is a big accomplishment for me. When I started this website, I didn't know if I could write 20 posts, let alone 200. Now
I have seen a big (well big for me) drop in traffic in the past week. I have been averaging around 55 organic sessions per day for July, now it's in the 20's. Just curious if others are experiencing the same. I checked to see if there was a Google Algorithm update in July to follow up the June 3 update. I did see some chatter about something maybe happening on July 11 & 12, but nothing concrete. Anyway, just curious what other people are seeing. Organic traffic to my site has been ste
Well, I had a nice little surprise when I checked ShareASale this mornig. I had 3 transactions totalling $117.50 in commissions, litterally overnight. The one from yesterday must have happened later in the evening since I checked my account yesterday afternoon and it wasn't there then.Not a huge dollar amount, but I will take it. This is from two different products I am promoting. One product ranges from $350-500, the other is around $120. Commissions through ShareASale are 10% so that is b
February 28, 2019
Ever since the middle of January, my traffic from Google has taken a pretty good drop and I don't know why. I thought I was ready to break through in January, I was getting more organic traffic than ever before, then it just dropped off. Granted I wasn't rolling in traffic to begin with, but I was starting to see some progress. I searched for algorithm updates, but I didn't find anything that would pertain to my niche. Interesting though, traffic from Bing/Yahoo has picked up. I have had s
January 23, 2019
Well, I am happy to report my first sale outside of the Amazon Associates program! I am enrolled with ShareASale and the affiliate program pays a 10% commission. This is a one-time sale, so not a recurring commission, but I will take it.Everyday I check my stats on ShareASale and everyday my balance is $0 :(Not today though! Now I am $43 richer (well next month when I actually get paid).I really needed this shot in the arm, to prove to myself the WA program works, and that I can do this.Here
Yes, the title pretty much says it all. Of course I don't have the view in the image above, but that's okay. My wife and I have been diligently working to convert our spare room (that rarely gets used) into a home office. The room was in dire need of a makeoverThe spare room was previously painted a color called "Raisin", so you can probably imagine how dark the space was. This is because my wife used to work nights and she slept during the day. She needed a room that was dark so she could
January 07, 2019
I have come to celebrate the small victories in my online journey. Progress has been slow, but it's still trending in the right direction. In December I had an all-time high number of users on my website according to Google Analytics! This number is very low compared to a lot of people, but it's certainly a positive step for me. My online journey has been slow, and frustrating, but seeing positive momentum is what it's all about. I hope January will be even better to me :)