Are Keyword Tools Reliable?

Last Update: February 01, 2013
I get asked quite often about why a keyword tool would give low or no search results for a keyword that you know others are searching for. This is a common issue for those who are doing local marketing.

Most keyword tools use Google search results and Google does not disclose accurate search information. I have discovered many keywords that get tons of traffic yet they have low search volumes in Google.

I always suggest checking Google suggest. If a keyword is showing up in Google suggest you know people are searching for it. Google suggest may give you other hidden keyword gems that did not show up in your keyword tool and you haven't thought of.

You can also take a look at the search volume of a larger city. If your keyword is getting good search volume in a large city there is a very good chance people will being searching for it in a smaller city as well.

Happy keyword hunting and don't be fooled by Google.

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Good advice! Thank you for sharing!
welshy Premium
Great post and I totally agree, no keyword tool gives you real/estimated search volume.
And that's why I get my keyword phrases from Google's suggest/instant database.

I personally believe that for phrases to get added to Google's suggest/instant database it needs to be searched X amount of times. is a great free tool for doing this research, it's not what I use anymore but still works great.
skiergal Premium
Welshy thanks for stopping by and sharing your insight.
pollydolly Premium
I can recommend It is a great resource. I use it all the time.
skiergal Premium
Pollydolly this is a handy little tool to have.
Hudson Premium
Interesting, thanks for this,
@RICH. Premium
If you're cooking with the Alphabet Soup technique: (Google Suggest) I always recommend hopping over to and getting them to *microwave* it for you! Rich.
skiergal Premium
Great resources Rich thanks for sharing.