Domain Service Notification Scam

Last Update: June 07, 2015

Just to warn the unwary. I got this notice giving me the impression that my Domain Name was about to expire needing urgent renewal. The notice was asking horrific amounts from $75/yer to a lifetime of $499!

I checked with Go Daddy and it still has a year to go. Did a Google and came up with scam info at the following link.

The greed and dishonesty in today's world seems boundless!

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sheiladane99 Premium
Thanks, Shawn. Good to know.
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for the warning Shawn. I get so many of those that I forget what it's like to receive the first one. ~Marion
BobBarr Premium
A similar scam is one that comes through regular mail from Domain Registrars of America (or some similar name). Their letter is deliberately (and carefully) designed to LOOK LIKE a bill without actually being one.
ShirleyWoon Premium
You did right to google first. So sad unscrupulous types are real threats. Victims are real people too unfortunately.

I pray some check can be done to address this situation. Thank you for the heads up Shawn, God bless....
divadejunk Premium
Thank you for this information. Scams always seem to come at us from all angles.
skc Premium
Glad it helps. (BTW I leaving WA soon but have your url, so I'll come and "Haunt" you now and then:) Best Wishes