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June 19, 2015
I see my final day with WA has arrived..I am leaving mainly because of financial and time issues. To re-register at our dismal exchange rate of 12:1, especially in lieu of the limited time I currently have for WA training, is just not worth it. To my fellow WA's.Thanks for all the follows and especially to those who have given me genuine, invaluable advice and encouragement on this journey of "web design discovery." Some who spring to mind are 'Willingtotry' 'Bazboy' and 'MBlack,' 'SuiGeneris
Just to warn the unwary. I got this notice giving me the impression that my Domain Name was about to expire needing urgent renewal. The notice was asking horrific amounts from $75/yer to a lifetime of $499! I checked with Go Daddy and it still has a year to go. Did a Google and came up with scam info at the following link. greed and dishonesty in today's world seems boundless!
March 12, 2015
I have Blogged this as the Question Field seems not to not show all. A long story but I cancelled my subscription, in error, via my PayPal a/c. Kyle & Carson have not responded to my query on the questions below, sent 3 days back. 1. Can one get Hosting at WA if one is not Premium? 2. Are my accounts disabled 30 days after 10March when I cancelled or after my paid year up membership runs out in June? 3. Is there not an EFT system? I am willing to pay once off yearly but not happy
February 21, 2015
Dear Friends & Followers, I've finally made some movement on my site.with a new Post, and some changes to my Menu system. Any advice, criticism, praise always welcome!
December 09, 2014
Recent power outages in my country prompted me to think on how important is it, really, to be so 'connected' in today's world? (Cartoon by Leunig whose excellent drawings are an ideal antidote for today's 'overclocked world.') I was brought up in rural South Africa. In my area, no electricity until I was 17. No Net, TV, or Cell phone, just a shared farm party line between about 10 farms, with up to half an hour wait to connect to the nearest town. Only lamps, candles and hot water from a fi
October 23, 2014
As this no doubt relates to all of us who are "chained to the PC" I want to share the following info I picked up at a recent Cardiac Congress. Prof Vickie Lambert from the sports medicine unit in Cape town, presented a talk titled - "Sitting the new Smoking" In this talk she cited findings from new research which shows that sitting for long periods can cause an 'insulin resistant metabolic syndrome' regarding glucose uptake, This can be more harmful than other risk factors, such as smoking,
October 15, 2014
Dear WA's Please could you welcome my new referral Semere. He is very new to this all and I'm sure would appreciate some gentle encouragement. Link:
From what I've gathered it is frowned upon and unworkable to buy via our own links. However why not buy via links on fellow WA sites? I have done this a few times now. For example, whilst browsing another WA site, I see an Amazon link and think; "why not get the book I am wanting through this link?" It may not have huge financial effect, but it may just serve as a form of support and encouragement, especially for those who are struggling, and/or becoming despondent? We could also tell them we'v
My 'blue working Monday' was brightened up somewhat by the O.R. Nurses getting well into their annual "Spring Day" competition. Photo shows some the staff "letting their hair down!" A great bunch of dedicated and hard working colleagues. (If any of the patients wake up amongst this lot they will think they've awoken into the "Mad Hatter's Tea Party!"..:) Also special for me as it's my eldest daughter's birthday. Have a great day and week!
As JeremyWest suggested, in order to show our sense of community, it is nice that we can try to welcome new referrals. I have a number of referrals who as yet seem a little shy and have not put up Profile or Picture. In this regard I have posted their links below. Please could you welcome all or some of these. (Depending on what free time you have:) Thank you! https: