Member of WA for nearly a year now!

Last Update: June 27, 2016

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in August 03, 2015, so I am a proud member of WA for nearly a year now... and you know what? I don't regret it.

Why I am writing this post: I want to motivate you guys and I want to motivate myself ;)

What have I done in this year? Since I work full time and study part time, there is not always much time left to invest in the own online business. So far I created some websites... my main website is which started with my passion about movies. I started writing reviews and ended up including product reviews (f.e. projectors) to monetize my site. I also started building my own email list where I have about 150 subscribers. I tried out many other things and I learned so much!

After this first year I didn't manage it to make a full time income but I earned some commissions mainly through Wealthy Affiliate and that's why I will focus more on that in future.

So I set some goals for the coming year...

- be a Top100 Member of Wealthy Affiliate
- have about 10 active premium members
- make about $100 monthly in commissions with the Amazon program

In the last month I got some local orders for Internet Marketing and to create websites, which made me the biggest income. I only got this orders, because of my experience I made this past year!

So... What do I want to say with this post?

I am not the most successful member here on Wealthy Affiliate, BUT I am still a member after 1 year of trying and I will be the next year too, until I reach my goals.

My big goal is to make a full time income in the next two years, because I will graduate from the university in two years and after graduation I want to travel the world for at least one year, without thinking about financial things...

So, how I always say: Keep it going!!!

What is your big goal that keeps you motivated every day to keep going?

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SteveCrozza Premium
Having goals is the one thing which makes us strive for the future, too many don't have goals and therefore just exist!

Drive forward to your goals and achieve them, hope to see you travelling around one day.
Sirio Premium
So true ! Totally agree with you. A life without dreams and goals isn't a life... So many people are scared to set goals or to have dreams because they think they'll never reach them.

Thanks for the motivating comment, I sure will :)
karagrace80 Premium
I love the idea of traveling after college for a year! You really should do that! I wish I had done something like that. My big goal is to be able to stay at home and homeschool my youngest child. She is 11 years younger than the others and I do not want to expose her to the public school system. That takes mone,y and the ability to work from home. She is 2 now, so I have a couple of years to figure it out. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day and the best of luck to you!
Kara Grace :))
Sirio Premium
The thought to travel and be free without sorrows motivates me every day to keep going... I don't have any children yet, so... Everyone has other goals and everyone is in another situation and stadium of life... BUT important is that everyone works for their goals and dreams! I am sure you will reach your goals sooner than you expect :)

Have a great day too and let me know if I can help somehow.
Bea40 Premium
Hi Sirio, with that type of motivTion and vision, you WILL reach your goal, and I agree with JDugan, that it's nice to hear that people are making modest income, andmore realistic, you have taken that first step, so keep climbing, not forgetting we are all climbing those stairs behind you... :) all the best...
Sirio Premium
Hi Bea, motivation and a vision are very important in life and I am very optimistic to be there one day ;) Until then I will keep working to get every day a step closer. I hope you all will keep climbing too and maybe we will see us at the goal :)
JDugan Premium
Thanks for the update! It's actually very grounding to hear that people are making modest incomes because to me that's way more realistic than $10,000/month. Congratulations on your success!
Sirio Premium
I am a very optimistic person and I have big dreams, but I think that having realistic goals (short term) isn't bad ;) the day when we earn $10,000/month will come too !! If you can earn $100/month, it's possible to earn $1,000/month... You know what I want to say ;)
Ecowarrior Premium
You have done great in the time you have been here and I am sure you will reach your goals this coming year!
Sirio Premium
Thanks! I see you already reached one of my goals ;)
I am very optimistic about that.