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I am going to keep this short. It's a 2 part proposal, but first a short explanation:We all have our own websites here on WA and a lot of the websites are in similar niches... and do you know what is very powerful for SEO and getting higher ranks on Google? Good relevant backlinks!One strategy that is used for building backlinks is called "Guest posting".Soooo, here my proposals:Number 1This is my main blog: anyone would be interested in collaborating, the topics
Hey guys, as already announced I will launch officially my company called beSIRIOus on the first of January and I actually already have an SEO client.I just wanted to share shortly how I landed the client and what other ways I am planning to put into practice at the beginning of next year.Let the people knowLet the people around you know that you are offering this service and ask them if they might know someone that would need this type of service. In my case, I was very lucky because a work fr
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December 26, 2020
Well, yes the new year starts. Honestly, I never really like new years eve, because it's all very pretend and people talk about the past year and about what they want to do next year... Just very predictable and boring. And what I don't like about it is, that all those discussions, you should have them during the year!!! I make resolutions during the year and I really work on them, so why do you have to wait until the end of the year?But this is not what I want to write about :DThe new year is
October 17, 2020
I finally found the courage and topic to do it! I am starting my own YouTube channel :)The goal of my YouTube channel is basically to set myself certain challenges and I will document how I approach them. For example my first YouTube video will be about how to make a 2D animation in Blender for a YouTube intro. I used Blender only once for editing a video, but that's it. And that's the special thing about my channel and my website. I am honest and not a guru. I share my experiences and document
October 04, 2020
FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)One thing that was very hard for me when I started out here on Wealthy Affiliate and my online business journey was to stay focused. I was so excited and motivated that I wanted to try out everything and didn't have the patience to stick with something because I felt like I was missing out on other opportunities.Focus!But this I had to learn. Focus. Tip for all beginners: Make sure to stick with your strengths and on putting the effort consistently into one thing! Don'
July 29, 2018
It has been a while since I was active here on WA... Why? The reason is because I am the kind of person that does too many things at once. It works quite well for a while, but in the long run you can't keep up. So, I decided to focus on less things.I am just a young 23 year old guy, but I gathered lot's of experience and perspectives in the past years. Where am I going with this post?Well, basically I just want to share a message: Don't give up working towards your goals, don't forget why you a
December 18, 2016
Hey everyone,it's been a while since i posted something here on Wealthy Affiliate! I am so excited, I just published my first eBook! It's a cool feeling ;)So... I wanted to ask for help! Wanted to know if you can download the book (for free) and give me some feedback and maybe write a short review on Amazon? Just let me know, maybe there is something I can do for you too!Link to eBook:
The 5 Steps How To Reach Your Goals define your goal and remember yourself everyday what your goal is! split the goal into smaller goals and actionale tasks set yourself time-limits and create a schedule start doing and working on your tasks keep yourself motivated, don’t you dare give up!And just do the same for your DREAMS... The only difference is, that if you have a dream the first thing you should do, don't think about it as dream... but as a goal!Here the full article: http://your-
September 25, 2016
I am very busy at the moment with 2 projects I want to realize... One in my passion-niche and one to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I also have some clients for Website-Creating, SEO... It's not really passive income I get from those clients, but it's income I can invest in my own business.There is always time...I have no time isn't a good excuse, because if something is important, you'll always find time for that. But why do we say that we have no time? Well, the truth is, that at the moment there
Hey everyone! I am back again...In the last month I had been busy with a lot of things and hadn't the time for Wealthy Affiliate... So when I logged back into my profile I had 1.000 Followers. I hope that everyone is doing fine here!In the last month I made some bigger decisions and next year I am going to quit my job. The things I learned here on Wealthy Affiliate enabled me to help others to scale up their businesses. I helped a musician and created a website for him and now I am his Online M