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July 29, 2018
It has been a while since I was active here on WA... Why? The reason is because I am the kind of person that does too many things at once. It works quite well for a while, but in the long run you can't keep up. So, I decided to focus on less things.I am just a young 23 year old guy, but I gathered lot's of experience and perspectives in the past years. Where am I going with this post?Well, basically I just want to share a message: Don't give up working towards your goals, don't forget why you a
December 18, 2016
Hey everyone,it's been a while since i posted something here on Wealthy Affiliate! I am so excited, I just published my first eBook! It's a cool feeling ;)So... I wanted to ask for help! Wanted to know if you can download the book (for free) and give me some feedback and maybe write a short review on Amazon? Just let me know, maybe there is something I can do for you too!Link to eBook:
The 5 Steps How To Reach Your Goals define your goal and remember yourself everyday what your goal is! split the goal into smaller goals and actionale tasks set yourself time-limits and create a schedule start doing and working on your tasks keep yourself motivated, don’t you dare give up!And just do the same for your DREAMS... The only difference is, that if you have a dream the first thing you should do, don't think about it as dream... but as a goal!Here the full article: http://your-
September 25, 2016
I am very busy at the moment with 2 projects I want to realize... One in my passion-niche and one to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I also have some clients for Website-Creating, SEO... It's not really passive income I get from those clients, but it's income I can invest in my own business.There is always time...I have no time isn't a good excuse, because if something is important, you'll always find time for that. But why do we say that we have no time? Well, the truth is, that at the moment there
Hey everyone! I am back again...In the last month I had been busy with a lot of things and hadn't the time for Wealthy Affiliate... So when I logged back into my profile I had 1.000 Followers. I hope that everyone is doing fine here!In the last month I made some bigger decisions and next year I am going to quit my job. The things I learned here on Wealthy Affiliate enabled me to help others to scale up their businesses. I helped a musician and created a website for him and now I am his Online M
July 12, 2016
At the moment I am trying to put out new content every day... it's not that easy and it's very time consuming,which at the moment is a rare thing...My goal in the next months is to increase organic traffic significantly, so I started publishing content more frequently.Where does this all go?What I want to say is, I now nearly have over 100 posts and just checked out some of my old ones and compared it to the new ones. Well they are very different. There is so much I can optimize in my old posts
Wealthy Affiliate has a hosting service, where you can create easily a website in just some clicks...Wealthy Affiliate has tons of training in order to feed your brain and learn new things you'll need to build an online business...And Wealthy Affiliate has a great COMMUNITY ... Everyone in the community has similar goals, the reasons why we want to do this are different, but we all look in the same direction. Some of us are further in the path, some just started. But that's it: The ones who are
...not backwards!Do you want to now the secret to success? Keep going!!!Do you have a dream, a big goal where you want to be someday? To live another lifestyle? I have a big dream and it motivates me every day, because everything I do, I try to work towards that goals and I am sure I will reach it someday.Someday sounds like never... That's not true! Someday could already be tomorrow.If you have a dream and you really want to reach it, don't give up! Try to reach your goal step by step and don'
To get quality traffic and enough traffic sure is one of the most important and difficult things in online marketing. Quality over quantity... Sure, you need the RIGHT traffic that will buy stuff too in order that you can earn some money. Better 10 people that come to your website and are searching for something specific they want to buy then 100 people that come occasionally to your site. The conversion will be much higher with the 10 interested people.How to get high quality traffic?That's th
I joined Wealthy Affiliate in August 03, 2015, so I am a proud member of WA for nearly a year now... and you know what? I don't regret it.Why I am writing this post: I want to motivate you guys and I want to motivate myself ;)What have I done in this year? Since I work full time and study part time, there is not always much time left to invest in the own online business. So far I created some websites... my main website is which started with my passion about movies. I started