A Major Hassle

Last Update: November 17, 2016

Well, what can I say! I am experiencing a major hassle at the moment.

I am attempting to get hosting elsewhere with a company some of you may have heard of - Siteground. At the moment my site is in limbo-land and it has been a day already. I awoke this morning expecting the transfer to have completed successfully, but, as luck would have it it hasn't.

I have just spent 3 hours on live chat with them and the end result - WA is meant to be blocking them from the transfer. So, I contacted support and lo and behold they said just what I knew they would say, "they are not" so I now have to go trough more stress.

Al I wanted to do was simply change hosting providers but it has turned into a major hassle guys.

I am now stuck between the two hosts and have no idea what it is that I am meant to do ;(

Just thought that I would share my frustrations lol.

The main menu is on two lines now instead of just the optimal 1 line and there are no photos visible gggrrr

Sorry, apologies for the rant.


The backup WA generated yesterday had an empty plugin directory so they are making another one as we speak and then I have to give it to siteground so they can complete the transfer :)


What is taking up so much of supports time. I have been waiting for a reply for 1hr 45 min's :(


just sitting here waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting and starting to get immensely annoyed grrrrrrrrrrrr why no support I wonder hhmm

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Alan Hocking Premium
Oh dear

Hope you get it sorted out soon mate! :)
barbaraA Premium
Simon, It's frustrating. I wonder does everybody have trouble changing hosting or are there only occasional glitches like this.
Simowatto Premium
Just occasional glitches mate and sods law, it's happened to me lol
StepChook Premium
Sorry to hear about your woes, mate! Hope you get them sorted soon!
Simowatto Premium
thanks chicken lololololol (Hen)
IMc Premium
Siteground is a very good hosting company. WA is blocking lots of bots now, so may well be that Siteground are having problems getting your content from WA servers.

Ask Siteground to tell you exactly what they are doing & the error messages they're getting. Then send this to WA support.
Simowatto Premium
I will thanks IMc
JoyNelson Premium
Wow, Simon I am so sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time...I look forward to reading a post in your new site once yiu get it transferred. Sending you positive vibes, Joy
Simowatto Premium
Thanks, Joy, I've been waiting for support to answer me for ages too :(