Will Wealthy Affilate Work For Seniors? You Might Just Have An Advantage.

Last Update: January 06, 2018

I found in my inbox an email from a retired pensioner interesting in joining Wealthy Affiliate but not sure it was right for her.

Here's a snippet from the message she sent me:

“Will Wealthy Affiliate work for seniors like me? I’m not too good with computers and I’ve never done anything like this before."

Personally I don't know how old you have to be to be counted as a "senior" exactly but this got me thinking...

A couple of days ago I thought about the question Is Wealthy Affiliate for College Students? where I talked about millienials who have the edge when it comes social media and all things technological.

But what about baby boomers and older, what advantages do they have when it comes to online business and what do they have to offer maybe younger people don't?

Here's two main ideas I came up with:

1. Your life experience gives you an advantage

In the Wealthy Affiliate we learn how being successful online is about helping people. The more people you help, the more successful you will be.

When it comes to more senior members of our community, oftentimes they have the life experience it takes to be able to relate to what someone is going through, so you can help them solve it.

Many seniors have had a whole lifetime to develop in their chosen career path and by the times they've retired have wells of wisdom and knowledge they can share with the rest of us.

2. You have the patience and discipline to build a lasting online business

The truth is, building an online business takes time and slow and steady wins the race!

Creating the website is the easy bit, anyone can do that, but you have to put the effort in time and again for months before Google will ever sit up and start taking notice of you.

Most young people have the drive and energy but may lack the discipline required to stick it through in the medium to long term.

So if you're a senior thinking about Wealthy Affiliate and you realise things won't happen overnight and that you're going to have to put the work in upfront, then I think you'll find Wealthy Affiliate a good fit.

I hope I haven't generalised too much here but I can see how senior members of Wealthy Affiliate may have some advantages when it comes to this affiliate marketing thing :-)

I'd be really interested in hearing what you think at this point, whether you consider yourself 'senior' or not...

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HowardJaros Premium
We have folks who come to us for RV inspection training and to do the job requires computer knowledge. Some of our demographic include the sixty plus age group who have never used computers.

We recommend they take some basic computer classes prior to working with us or work with a younger family member to develop those skills.

Once they do that we have had no trouble moving them along using their computer in their new business.

So, yes. I think it is certainly possible for seniors or those with little to no computer skills, to learn so they can develop an affiliate marketing website here in WA!
GlenPalo Premium
Since I am on social security, I guess that qualifies me as a senior. By now we should have gained lots of life experience, learned patience, and developed discipline to succeed with WA. Computer literacy may be a problem for some seniors as we did not grow up with computers in school or at home or even in the work place.
DNicholas Premium
Actually Simon, I think Wealthy Affiliate would be great for seniors. I'm 64 and I'm going for it. I think the biggest draw back with seniors, is lack of self confidence when it comes to computers and the internet. A lot of seniors I know have computers and understand how to surf the web. Most are on facebook and pintrest. There is no reason why they can't make it here at WA. Check around, there are quite a few of us here. It would be ideal for many seniors. I know I can't wait until I retire so I can do this every day. Since I'm still working full time, I can't dedicate as much time as I'd like to my website. Seniors have a wealth of knowledge and discipline. The training here is very thorough and easy to follow, and the community is very helpful and inspiring. I think this would be great for seniors.
MKearns Premium
Trust me Simon WA is making my golden years golden!
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Haha that's great to hear Michael! Thanks for your input! :-)
GlenPalo Premium
I will second that!
lakbar12 Premium Plus
This is an interesting article. Yes, I agree that seniors will have a great deal of experience from life in general so, I personally believe it can work.

I truly do not believe age matters, young or older. If you have the drive and the will to work. I believe it can work. In my opinion that is all that is needed.

I am not a senior yet, but had no clue on how to build a website nor how to make money online. I did know the basics of working a computer though and I still caught on.

There are many YouTube videos that can help and even other peoples blogs that can help any individual solve technical issues.

I definitely agree that I can see how any working aged members can benefit from the program.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
I love what you say about age not mattering and yes, it's your drive, passion and determination that makes all the difference.

I think the technical stuff can be easily learned and especially with Wealthy Affiliate's beginner-friendly web building tools, they definitely make it a whole lot easier!