Why I've Just Disapproved 3 out of 4 Comments.

Last Update: July 10, 2017

Right now I feel mean...

I've just disapproved 3 out of the last 4 comments I've received and all for the exact same reason: people gave website feedback instead of leaving a post comment.

It feels harsh to disapprove when someone has taken the time to do it, especially when I don't want to make people feel nervous about leaving comments.

Which is why I used to re-write whole comments like this but found it way too time consuming and most of the people I talk to who leave comments like this are newbies and are grateful for knowing the right way to do it.

Here, I'll show you just one example from today:

Others say things like:

  • "Wow, until I read your article, I didn't know products like this existed!"

Why would you be reading and comment on a review for a product or service you've never even heard of?

  • "I really like your use of imagery. You had everything spaced out really well and I liked that you had a 'call to action.'"

Pure website feedback. Ive never in my life read a comment on the BBC of Fox News websites from people saying how well laid out the website is. This is for Website Feedback, not comments.

When you get comments like these, please feel free to use my disapproval message:

"This comment was disapproved because you gave website feedback instead of an actual comment. Please note the difference between website feedback and website comments.

Click on the blue "View more information" just above the blue 'submit my comment" button within the comments area or read Nathaniel's recent post to find how to leave comments.


Hope this helps, many thanks."

There you go, my rant over. I'm sorry to those of you who's comments I've disapproved, but hopefully now you understand the reasons why.

All the best to you!

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drcmaint Premium
Interesting this.
Foobard Premium Plus
I've said this before, it is a bit confusing in the difference between Site Feedback and Site Comments. In the English language, it means pretty much the same thing. They should change the name of "Site Comments" to something else so people can tell the difference. I know they chose that name because of Site Rubix and all that branding, but it is confusing to newbies.
If they want to keep the "Site" prefix, call it Site Post Comments or something.

That said, you are doing the correct thing by disapproving the comments due to it being site feedback. Especially if you are paying for the comments!
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Yeah I think it's easy to see 'Comment' and think you're just leaving comments/your opinon on a site.

As I say, most people who do this turn out to be newbies and are grateful for me telling them.

I think it's good to tell people the right way to add comments, if I was doing it wrong I'd like to know. Then they can start adding real comments and the whole comments system works wonderfully as it should. :-)
PMbaluka Premium
Another option would be to approve then edit the comment.
Foobard Premium Plus
He said in a comment below that he was paying for the comments. If you pay for a comment and it is unusable, why bother? Why not just write your own comments under a different Gravatar? ;-) I'm not really suggesting that people do that, it was meant rhetorically.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
If you read my post you'd know I used to do that and why I stopped doing it :-)
spurway Premium Plus
I understand where you coming from, and people forget sometimes the difference between feedback and comments.
This is here a big issue, and somehow it has to make more clear to newbies.
GlenPalo Premium
Well said.

One option we all have is to go ahead and approve the comment with a reply stating that the comment was more appropriate as feedback.

Then go into your WP admin area and just delete the comment and reply later.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
lol why would I do that when I'm paying to have comments on my site?