Make Success A Foregone Conclusion In 2023 [3 STEPS]

Last Update: Jan 3, 2023

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I love predictable success!

Don't you?

Because if you've only got one life to live then why waste it being mediocre?

Seriously, I can think of nothing worse!

And the good news is success doesn't have to be some out-of-reach concept available to only a select lucky few.

Follow these 3 steps and you can forget about wondering if you'll make it happen this year, you'll take all guesswork out of it and your success is a given.

1. Write Down Crystal Clear Actionable Goals 🥅

Income goals are great, I just don't find them compelling or helpful enough to get me moving day to day.

That's why I shifted to setting actionable goals instead. They're far more useful!

Actionable goals are when you set a specific task to be completed by a specific time.

So instead of setting goals like:

⦿ Get 100k YouTube subscribers
⦿ Reach 1,000 pageviews a day

Set goals like these:

⦿ Upload 3 videos/week for the next 12 weeks
⦿ Hit publish on a million words in the next 6 months

 You see what just happened? You took back control.

Now instead of checking stats and getting discouraged, you're more focused on taking actions that will bring the results instead and giving yourself that all-important confidence boost when you tick each one off.

2. Put Systems In Place 🏗️

Systems are everywhere; ecosystems, political systems, healthcare systems, economic systems, technological systems and so on.

But more relevant to us right here and now, our lives are shaped by our personal systems and our working systems (or lack therof) shape our online business.

Here's the key takeaway:

Good working systems give you an unfair advantage over the competition.

Systems remove uncertainty and the good news is YOU are in complete control over your own systems.

So think about every task you do regularly in your business and build a system for it.

It could be as simple as setting aside a week at the beginning of January to come up with 300 target keywords for the year.

Waking up in the morning without knowing what you're doing = a bad system

Having all your keywords already planned out = a good system

See what I mean? A system doesn't have to be complex. It's more about being intentional about what you're doing and finding ways to do it more efficently.

So whether it's producing content, creating images, replying to comments, managing writers, posting on socials, finding affiliate programs or whatever else it is - put systems in place.

3. Work Your Ass Off 💪

Now you know where you're going and how to get there, it's time to take the steps to actually get there!

This is a hardest part of all - it's what separates the wannabes from the gonnabes.

Did you know that 92% of people give up on New Year’s resolutions?

And only 8% of bloggers make a full-time income.


There's just nothing glamourous about taking action and most people aren't willing to stick it out.

There's no crowds applauding, the results are delayed and sometimes it's just downright boring...

But you do it anyway.

You show up, you tick off your actionable to-dos and you just quietly get on with it.

Because you know that's what it takes to become an "overnight success". You're going all in and nothing's going to stop you.

"Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich." Proverbs 10:4

I Hope This Helps Someone Today!

Set the right kind of goals, build the right kind of systems and with time and hard work, the results will take care of themselves.

And this works not just for online business, but for your fitness goals, family and relationship goals and whatever else you decide to set your mind to.

Just take a few seconds to imagine where you will be this time next year if you set actionable goals, build systems around them and executed consistently for the next 365 days?!

Come on, let's get it done!

Wishing you an ever-so-slightly belated happy new year and every possible success for 2023!

#thebestisyettocome 🙌🏆🥇🎯💯🗝️👏

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Recent Comments


Hello Simon!
Thank you for the hard, kick ass motivational read! I LOVE IT!!
And yes, Lazy people are soon poor, hardworkers get rich! That’s the name of the game!!!
Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently!
Here’s to Success & PROSPERITY in 2023 🥂!


Same right back at ya Maria! And yes, 100% I'll drink to that!🥂

Hi Simon,

Thanks for sharing this amazing outline to what it takes to succeed. It takes all of the above. This post has turned my wheels of motivation on.

This is an excellent like, share, screenshot, and bookmark moment.
This is a true sign of a successful person; they want others to succeed to.


Thanks Rachele, that means a lot coming from you. We're gonna get it done this year, you'll see! 😎

Absolutely, my mentor in Asia 👍

Good morning Simon,

Thank you for another great blog post to start the year, you have made some great points!

I like your idea of writing down crystal-clear actionable goals, there is a big difference! We can't really predict how many YouTube subscribers we will have a how many page views we will reach. However, setting goals like for X amount of YouTube videos and X amount of words makes a lot of sense.

I remember in the early days checking my AdSense revenue and affiliate accounts. I would have been far better off just setting goals and focusing on the goals rather than checking various accounts. Something that I also find is that checking accounts is a distraction and is something that slows our performance.

Putting a system in place is something that we should all be doing. If I had carried out this action when I first started, I would have probably been much further ahead. I have had times when I knew I have things to do and yet I didn't actually know what order I would be doing the tasks in. It is so much better when I get out of bed and know exactly what I will be doing for the day!

Point number three is so true, there's only one way and that is to work hard! No one became successful from being sluggish.

You have helped me, Simon, they are great points to start the year off! It's all too easy to relax and take things easy and achieve nothing, I don't want that!

Have a great day.


Yeah totally. I've done the whole refreshing stats thing and it's an emotional rollercoaster with no good outcome. It's like going to the gym once and checking yourself in the mirror.

If there's no change - you feel demotivated. If the stats go up, you feel like you don't need to work for that day (at least that's me anyways lol!)

So yeah, don't do it!

I know point number 3 is obvious but it's where the rubber hits the road and it's the hardest to do *consistently*.

It's a total mind game and you need to master the emotional skills of delayed gratification and self-discipline - easier said than done!

I'm so glad you got some nuggets out of it Roy. You have a great day too sir and here's to making 2023 the best year yet :)

Good morning Simon,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

That's a great example, regarding the gym, so very true indeed! I think so many of us have been in this position, checking stats etc. and then feeling disappointed or demotivated!

When I first started out with Internet marketing, I signed up for quite a few newsletters to try and gain some knowledge from other marketers. Something that I have seen is that successful Internet marketers are always consistent. I'm still signed up for some of these newsletters.

I have an off-line business which is slightly seasonal. I know it affects the Internet business as sometimes, especially in the busy seasons, I have very little time to blog. Not clever! This is when I need to outsource!

I was reading Mike's post the other day, he has a full-time job, but he has still managed to push forward with his online business. It just shows what can be achieved when we are focused etc. I certainly got some nuggets out of your post, Simon. It's also a great pleasure to read success stories where members have changed their paths. As I'm writing this, I glanced across and had a quick read of another blog post of yours! Fantastic! It's great that you stepped out!

All the best.


Great message and super inspiring. Happy new year to you!


Thanks and the same to you Susan!

Nicely laid out on this one, Simon!

Of course, you know me, I need to add a small bit to your "systems" section:

Waking up to a new morning--Good System--failing to do that makes everything else a moot point. That's how I roll!

Everything else you have wonderfully written, I am in complete agreement with, my friend!

Happy 2023!


Very good point! 😂

Let's make it happen Jeff 🥳

Thanks, Simon!

It is definitely up to us, my friend!


If not now then when right? We know we've got this though 😎💪

You are right, Simon! We do, indeed!


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