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Last Update: February 13, 2015

This year we had Super Bowl XLIX and it was as usual a big deal for a lot of sports fans!

This Super Bowl was different for me though, this year I enjoyed the game on a whole other level! An internet marketing level ;)

I'm still growing my online business and I'm still running into road blocks all the time, and then proceeding to smash them to pieces.

This is a marathon people and we need to develop a pace and a unusual enthusiasm for the foreseen success.

That being said I hope sharing this little success with you will help to motivate and encourage!


A week before the Big Game I had the idea to share a post helping Roku users (the subject of the website in question currently) to watch the game live and for free.

This post was sort of a shot in the dark I hadn't written for the website for a little while (my bad). I was just trying to get started posting again and wasn't sure this post would elicit much attention.

I didn't get to posting it until two days before the game day.

So as I hope you can appreciate the results kind of stunned me.

I normally of late receive between 35-100 visitors per day... here are the results of those three days (two proceeding Super Bowl and Super Bowl day) my post was live before the big game.

These three days netted me over $11 in Adsense income and more than 2000 visitors. All of which isn't crazy success (for others anyways it has me giddy as heck!)... what's amazing is that my post went from non-existent to posted, indexed, ranked and found by over 2000 people in a matter of a few short days! On the top page of many Google SERPs for relevant keywords.

To answer an obvious question, yes, this was an acute event, much like the Super Bowl, after Sunday the traffic went back to normal. I however am forever changed ;)

Keep Kicking @$$!


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Garden77 Premium
That's so genuinely put, I am inspired. Be well
Simkin Premium
Thank you Glenn! Back at ya
geowanda Premium
I wonder if anyone has set up a specific website for just acute events. Sounds interesting and it would keep my niche site from being watered down with non-related topics. Any thoughts on this?
Simkin Premium
That's the beauty of the internet you can make a website about anything you want! There are many sites largely targeting acute events but all you need is a unique twist on it or just find those low-hanging-keywords Kyle talks about. Of course you can also look for acute events relevant to your niche.
hectoroliver Premium
I'll have the same feeling when I reach that stage.
Simkin Premium
Best of luck Hector, thanks for the input ;)
kennnyb Premium
good one. Think outside of the box so to say.
Simkin Premium
Thanks Ken!
EricSavard Premium
The power of knowledge... Good to know! I'm thankful that you posted it here!

It is very motivating to know it! Check my own motivation post I did yesterday:

Success at WA - It's all about motivation!

God bless you and enjoy your happy WA day!
Simkin Premium
Thanks Eric! I read your post, you make a great point motivation to keep on keeping on is key.