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January 05, 2016
I've not written a blog here in nearly a year and thought to inspire beginners with some success I've had of late.First, I'm not your average success story here. I haven't set up a schedule and dedicated my time nearly as much as I wish I would. I'm also not yet reached a full-time income online.In fact my greatest frustration is my procrastination.'I started the website in question, that is generating most of my online income, in March of 2014.It was just before I quit my then current job. I'v
This year we had Super Bowl XLIX and it was as usual a big deal for a lot of sports fans! This Super Bowl was different for me though, this year I enjoyed the game on a whole other level! An internet marketing level ;) I'm still growing my online business and I'm still running into road blocks all the time, and then proceeding to smash them to pieces. This is a marathon people and we need to develop a pace and a unusual enthusiasm for the foreseen success. That being said I hope sharing this li
September 18, 2014
I have been at this for a little while this year with my new'ish website ( I am starting to see the big picture with clarity now. As my mother (I'm a mama's boy) just discovered she had appendix cancer which had migrated to her ovaries, liver, spleen, etc. I'm more than a little distracted of late. Thankfully she was in surgery for another issue when they found it and removed the appendix and performed a hysterectomy. So there is only little spots left to deal with. Its obvio
I've been an off and on again member of WA for a few years now. I sign up put forth some effort hit a road block and get distracted sometimes for quite a while. My personal life has had some curve balls thrown its way over the last three years and its been hard to stay focused on internet marketing. That being said I rejoined a few months ago and I'm now developing a successful work ethic. I've finally cracked my way into receiving recurring monthly income that is reasonably steady, its not mu
April 07, 2014
I have been interested in Internet Marketing for as long as I can remember and like most have fallen for many scams and get-rich-quick promises. I still have to be careful too! For the most part my online endeavors have been fruitless and frustrating. That is until I found WA, since that time I have been building confidence everyday in the possibilities. But even still I took some time to learn to commit! Recently for many reasons I have fostered a new found motivation and belief in internet ma
I have always been a great fan of learning and in my early adult years I have been finding that it is quite possibly the most valuable tool one can have. If you are open to learning you are growing, period. I feel it is important to have a fluid and ever growing/changing understanding of the world and this is what I mean by being open to learning, its the acceptance of the possibility that anything you believe you know could be wrong. It takes tremendous courage and faith to accept that sometim